1st flip to flower, need advice please

Flipping to flower on x5 plants, 4 are manifolded. Question is when do you stop cutting off the branching sections? Was trimming them off to determine where brances were heading and to get them bigger. Once I flip to flower do I let them all grow and trim the bottom section that may not be getting enough light? Do I trim them all up before flipping? Thank you all for any advice!


Once you flip leave them, make any final cuts after the 2nd week of flower


I’d keep anything close to the top & rid the plant of any of the lower growths that are creating new branches that don’t work with your plan for them. Anything furthest from the light, however this depends on how tall these plants are projected to be.


I’ll do all my trimming, lolly popping 2 weeks before going into flower, then again just about the 3rd week of flower. Hope it helps. Good Luck Fellow Growmie!


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Thank you @Chopps @Docnraq @StankyDank239