12/12 to 24/0 switch

Thanks for everyone’s input on forcing non-flowering autos to flower by going 12/12, it worked perfectly. Now that my GSC Extreme autos are flowering after switching to 12/12 in a temporary tent, can I now put them with my other autos in my large 24/0 tent to finish maturing? Has anyone ever done this?

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I have a couple questions first. Are you running 24 hours throughout on your autos? If so, what’s your reasoning?

Also, are you 100 percent sure you received autos and not photos? It does happen.


Welcome ! Personally If you have nice healthy autos in flowering stage ,that are growing everyday On 12/12 light schedule I would not go back to. 24/ 0. That could possibly cause them to reveg.


12/12 schedule is less money to operate that’s for sure.


Unless ILGM made a mistake , they are autos. I’m running 24/0 because it’s convenient, I can go in any time to check progress, I’m not worried about cost, and because of online reviews. My first 2 grows came out amazing, so I stuck with it. I do have 1 reg. vegging Chocolope in main tent where all my other autos are, so don’t want to switch to 12/12.

Were your first 2 grows 24 hrs of light from start to finish? How was your actual yield compared to that listed about the seeds/plants description? Other than maybe more often watering, did you encounter other obstacles with a 24 hr grow?

I believe all plants should have some sleep time ( dark ) just chiming in much :heart::herb::grin: