Can I flower autos on a 12/12 schedule?

New grower with a quick question. I have 2 ILGM blueberry autos in the same tent as a photoperiod girl that I need to flip to flower before she outgrows my tent.

Can I successfully grow buds on the autos if I flip the lights to 12/12? Right now they’re on a 20/4 schedule. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Yep, that’s one of the nice things about autoflowers. You can grow them under pretty much any light schedule, which allows you to intermix them with photoperiod plants.


Plants will still have enough photo synthesis to do there thing with no issues … :+1::wink:


Yup any plant will eventually flower on a 12/12 schedule. This is how I grow every crop so nearly 2 years. My system is dialed in. I love the 12/12 schedule and will not change it. This produces big monster plants for Photos.

Autos will flower when they are ready. I’m not a fan of Autos because you don’t really have any control over them like you do a Photo.


Do you run 12/12 the entire grow?

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Yup…I sure do.

Very interesting…:face_with_monocle:

You sure can!

Welcome to the community, go for it.

You guys aware awesome! Thank you for the quick response! Yeah I went to autos because I kept killing my photos before they even made it through veg stage but I have one gdp that has survived but she’s getting too big. Again can’t thank this community enough.

They already have you covered😎 Welcome to I❤️GM!!!

It’s a loaded question actually, you can but most shouldn’t.

@MrPeat does and he loves to tell people that it works great for him BUT you don’t have his setup, Ps what lighting system do you use again some cmh/HPS system? How big?

The thing to understand here is while autos ei grow on any light scedule they like all cannabis are hungry, hungry for nutrients and hungry for energy in the form of light.
Depending on how strong your lights are will depend on how short you can cut your lighting period while still getting decent results.

For example a 20w cfl on for 20hr is not going to match my 320xl HLG led on for 12hr.

But then again my kingbright 480w IR&UV is going to produce better results on for 20hr then my 320xl on for 20hr. It’s all about radiation energy emmited by lighting that the plant can absorb

@Nicky I run two HLG 260xl Rspec kits in a 4x4x80”. My next grow I will take daily pictures so you can see what a 12/12 schedule in my hands. I also use FF 6 nutrients.

I have a fan sucking air from inside the tent. I have a small fan on one of the Heat sinks inside the tent. A window ac blowing into the tent. Also a box fan blowing into the tent.

That pretty mucha covers it all.

Then how I get my seeds ready. Soak for 18 to 24 hours. Transfer to damp toilet paper for up to 2 days. Then straight into the forever home and placed in the tent. And you’ve seen some of my results.

And you have also heard me say what works for me may not for you. :+1:


Wish I had an rspec so I could run it against my kingbright because I wonder Wich ones better, my HLG is a 3k.

Yeah alot of these people don’t have as good of lights as us

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@Nicky I ran a 12/12 on my Viparspectra PAR600 as well. But I never got the weight that I do now.

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@MrPeat - You said you run the FF 6. Is that the liquid trio and the soluble trio?

Correct…this is the one I use.

I’m thinking of doing the FF Dirty Dozen.