1000 HPS 2 plants one pot 3 gallon

So I have had many grows under my belt for the past 6 months I have been doing 2 plants in one pot 3 gallons the plants are about 14 inches tall when put on 12/12 ! They do not get much taller maybe 18 inches total I have tried 18 inches away from light I have tried 30 inches away from the light they do not change in size ! Yield is very small ranging from 8-18 grams per plant on a 1000 Hps I have done 10 oz the last 3 times with 12-15 3 gallon pots with 2 plants per pot ! I grow in pro mix bx soil and use botanicare products ! I don’t know what is wrong as I have produced much larger yields in the past ! I have produced larger yields with the same system I’m using ! Is my 2 plant in one pot really hindering my yield that much ? Help I need to fix this problem ! Indoor grows is all I know I’m stumped I’ve changed everything temps are on point 80degrees and about 40-50 humidity I feel I could be doing a lot better what do I need to do to get 1 to 2 oz per plant and get my 1000 grams per 1000 watt ? My grows are perpetual and I have 2 1000 Hps in the same room my room is about 18 feet long and 6 feet wide and 7 tall !

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Pics? @1029Blueberryboy

There’s a reason the hid guys brag on the gram per watt achievement, not easy to hit. I’m sure you’ll see most of them running more veg time and bigger plants. They also usually grow from clone on a high yielding pheno.

After that, lots of little details too. Like bulb changes, feeding, and such.

How old are your bulbs… sounds like a weak wave length… when you’ve been able to get quite a few grows under your belt and then start to run into problems , start looking for the not so obvious problems… more then likely it will be the last thing you think of… :wink:
I write the date of my bulbs when first put into use on the metal part that screws into the socket with a sharpie , just so I never forget… :wink:
This scenario has happend to me more then once… :wink:
Old bulbs… weak bud’s… :wink:
Also a 3 gallon pot is way to small for that light… also longer vegging time will increase yeild… :wink:

I’m able to accomplish 2 + lb’s with a 600 watt hps , xxxl 8 inch hood with a scrogg table that’s 3’x6’ with 6 plants… :wink:
You can do it… something is a miss… :wink:

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I do change bulbs every 3rd grow

You will have to give me some pointers very curious as I am about to switch to 3 600 coming into warmer weather

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I have did this for quite some time took a 5 year brake and I’m my younger days it was very easy to do with 8 plants one pot 5 gallon buckets 1000 Hps 3 1/2 lbs easy ! But back then I had more space better conditions and other factors it’s very easy to do ! Im sure there is something I’m missing I just can’t figure it out !


I’ve only gotten into that neighborhood since switching to led. Best grow I had under hid was around .7 and that was with larger plants than you had. You’re probably just a better a grower but I don’t feel like a gram per watt is automatic under any light source.