Too much light? How much yield?

I have a 10x10x7 room with 5000 watts of light with 17 plants in 10gallon pots. All are about 4 weeks into flowering, they are chronic widow plants and gold leaf. I’m using holland secret nutrient with Holland’s weekly feeding plan with Berger OM 6 soil. I have strong thick stems and they are looking super good. But they seem short… like 2.5-3’ so i didn’t know if I’m giving them to much light or if I’m just being impatient? Also what do u think my expected yield might be? This is my very first grow.

What kind of lights?

Hydroplanet™ 1000W Horticulture Air Cooled Hood Set Grow Lights Reflector Digital Dimmable Ballast HPS MH System.

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You’d have the potential to harvest several pounds if all goes well. Not sure about the other aspects of your grow, all of it will have an impact on your yields.

I feed/water every 3rd day, room temp is 80 when lights are on and 73 when light are off. The only thing i can’t say i know is the ph. I’ve never bought the stuff to test it. I just use my well water and it runs through two filtering systems. When i drilled the well the ph was 6. When u say several pounds do u mean maybe 2-3 pounds? Or u think more? I know it’s hard to say bc there are to many factor but I’m just trying to get a rough idea.

There are people that grow 2-3 pounds from a single 1000 watt hps. I’m not saying thats typical, or what you should expect, especially out of your first grow. Most of those guys are very experienced growers, and have just about every aspect of their grow flawless. But it’s certainly possible.

You would of course need high yielding phenos, probably to be sure your ph and feedings were on point, and have good amount of veg time in your plants. But it’s definitely possible.

Do you think my 10gal pots are an ok size? I’ve read several forms and i really haven’t seen many people say they do that. Is that big over kill? Thanks for all ur answers too, it’s very much appreciated.

They’re on the larger side for indoor growing. I think 5 gallon are probably most popular.

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