Amount of plants that will fit

A question from a fellow grower:

Body: hi I was wanting to know about growing in a grow tent I just brought a 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.6 m gro cell 400w mh hps how many plants can I put in there and how oz of bud should I be able to get out of it

Easy way to determine a hps puts off 40-45 watts per square door, you’ll only be able to fit maybe 2 and as for yield of you know what your doing you can probably get close to 4.5- 6 oz’s

That has to be the most asked question , maybe the forum should put up a sector of the most asked question with the answers , but honestly let’s say I had the same tent and light you have , it’s no way to say that we both will yield the same amount just cause of the same size light and tent . It’s so many variables that determine how much you can yield . You can scrog one plant and get 6-7 ounces verses growing 4-6 plants getting 1 ounce per plant , can kind of relate and understand what I’m saying , and I’m not saying this in a smart way , I’m saying techniques , nutrients , training , scrogging all plays a factor in how much a grower can yield .


Hi, I started with the same size tent and light last year about this time. I tried 2 plants but found out they were too many. I grew 1 plant at a time. I also had a problem with the temperature I could’t get rid of the heat from the lamp. Best of luck with your grow.

Take care.


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