How much room for decent yields

A question from a fellow grower:

Well I’m growing for personal use, so I’m only growing 3 plants. I’m having trouble deciding on how much room I need to give them to get decent yields. I want to be able to produce enough that I can make edibles.
Currently I’ve come up with having a 4x3 box and 600 watts worth of cfl’s. 2 corded duct fans one at the top blowing hot air out and one down low blowing cool air in.
Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time.

Sounds like a good plan for a setup! 600w should cover your 4x3 perfectly. Most growers would say the best amount of light for a grow is 50w per square foot. So if you did the math, your 4x3 grow tent is equal to 12 square feet. 12 multiplied by 50 (50w per square foot) equals 600. The perfect equation haha

Textbook - a plant needs 2.5 feet for growth. Yes they will all fit - also need to look into get 100 watts cfl’s for side lighting (will increase total yields by 25% + at least

I have a 5’ 10" square room with two six hundreds and got 8 ounces from the heaviest plant.

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