Looking for tips and advice to increase yield

A quick summary of my setup. I have a 3x3x6 tent with a 600w led light, a 4in exhaust, 6in oscillating fan, and an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. My 1st grow, I used 2.5 gal plastic pots, miracle gro hydrating soil, general hydroponics liquid nutrients, with an exhale C02 bag.Temps are around 80 when the light is running, 68-72 when not. I yielded about 5 oz off off 2 plants. With my next grow, I had ILGM seeds, I changed the pot to a 3 gal soft sided pot, I used Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil, distilled all water used, same nutrients, but no co2 bag. I yielded about an ounce less off of 3 plants. With this next grow, I bought the berman’s nutrient pack, I’m using co2 again. My first question is , should I be using larger pots? Second, should I have a maximum of 2 plants or is 3 smarter/better? And third, is there anything else I should be or can be doing to increase my yield? Or am I strickly limited by my equipment?

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Bigger pot would be a good start. I stick with 7 to 10 gallon fabric pots to finish in so the roots have plenty of room. For your space two plants is optimal but three can be done. It sounds like you have your methods down pretty well. Next step would be upgrading to a more powerful lighting system.

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More plants will create more photosynthetic energy, but it’s still up to you to make sure canopy is managed well enough to produce enough good tops. You’ll also want to consider plant count for pot size. Running 1 plant will require more veg time and be a longer grow to get a full canopy. That will require bigger pot than say running 4 plants, as the 4 plants will fill the space a lot faster, and not be as long of a grow.

The other thing you probably want to look at is your light. It’s likely not creating enough par to hit recommended daily light integral on flowering schedule.


I’m with @dbrn32 about the light. It’s not enough. I went through that as well. But I was lucky and got 3.32 oz.

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Hi bro,
how about Sea of Green?

if I got the size of your tent right, (90cm) I would say the light is too much. In europe we dont like to put more than 400watts per square meter. Everything above is waiste of energy (but thats only my observation and its probably wrong)

6 ft is 70 inches. Plenty of space. Id want a minimum of 300 high intensity lights in that space. 3 x 3 is 9 so 9 square feet. 9 x 50 = 450 watts of blurple (recommended flower watts). 9 x 30 = 270 watts of high intensity (recommended for new tech)

Pot size… bigger roots. Bigger plants
Lights = probably the single most limiting factor for new growers
And like DB said. Proper training. The more even u can keep the tops of branches, the more ‘good’ colas ull have. I top and train outwards for 4 main ‘tops’ and get decent yields on my turnaround time. Look into LST and topping for future grows.

Environmental factors are also helpful. VPD (humidity and temp working hand in hand) has a REAL effect on growing weed. But is more of the next step after u get the others down pat.


All good info and I will add that you can ditch the CO2 bag: it’s not worth the effort. You have to run a closed environment with high partial pressure and very high intensity lights.

Light is your single biggest factor. Environment and genetics are about equal behind that. Gotta have adequate light.

Doing a SOG grow will get you to the finish line more quickly than one or two big plants. Advanced training techniques: SCROG, Supercrop, FIM’ing and topping are all worth looking at.


I’ll add my two cents to the above suggestions and would 2nd using the LST training method. LST means low stress training, too much stress freaks the plant out and causes it to stop growing for a few days. Topping, too much pruning or supercropping are high stress methods. If you’re looking for big plants with a quick veg stage, use LST.

If you cant increase you lighting i for sure would fim or top , supercrop & scrog. I live in an old house & can only run 400 mh & hps so ive bought the best bulbs & use the above methods. My harvest has increased. Also my pots go from 3 gallon, 5 gallon , then 7 gallon.

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@PurpNGold74 Please lay down that big blunt…6 feet = 72 inches…not 70. :joy::joy::joy:

Did you get into my Avocado Cannabutter?

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