I need higher Yields

I have a 4X4X7 tent, would I yeild more with 1 plant or 4 plants?
I have the HLG light, proper ventilation and air circulation.
specs say 3X3 will yeild 16-18 oz, is that with 1 plant or multiple?

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1 plant can produce the same as 4 in a tent that size, the question is, do you want to grow for 3 months( 4 plants) or 7+ months (1 plant)…


I grow fem non auto so 4 months then harvest with not that great of yeilds, fairly ok


I have yet to pull a pound from my 3x3. I have been close but a runt throws off the four plant grow. A lot of that is the strains I choose to grow. I do not know the trade off / what the breakeven point is between the time it takes to grow one massive plant or, in my case four decent size plants. But, having all of your eggs in one basket may be worth considering. If one plant takes a dive, I at least have 3 to salvage the grow. If I have one plant and then couple weeks into flower (maybe 90 days invested in veg) it goes belly up, I’m F’d.


This is under optimal conditions grown by experts. I run a 3x3 tent, although I only do autos, I have grown 4 plants and got 10oz, I have tried 9 plants and got 10oz, and I have tried 7 plants and got 10oz.

I guess what I am saying, is the canopy can only be 3x3 no matter how many plants you grow, that is your limitation. I am far from a pro, but just from my experience, number of plants is irrellavent if your canopy is full each time…


Thx ya’ll, good info and much appreciated. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, My plants are very healthy from start to finish thx to this forum, very excellent weed.


Which one?

I can get that yield with 1 plant or 4, it will be much faster with 4 plants though. What kind of yields are you getting?


@Hellraiser I am also interested in achieving higher yields.
Seems all the taller I can get my plants has averaged 36" +/-
Always topped them and tried to maintain an even canopy. Too many variables but my only guess is too much light while vegging keeping them squaty and bushy… too short of veg time?

How would you maximize your yield?


HLG 600 rspec, about 1 lb 4 plants


We like pictures if you got them!! :grin::v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

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I maximize my yields by filling every square inch of the tent with bud and growing my plants as big and tall as my 7’ tall flowering tent will allow. I’m often see very short plants in other grower’s journals which is a waste of vertical space. My plants near harvest are always between 5 and 6 feet tall.

My recipe for large yields:

Have great lights
Have great ventilation and air movement
Feed with every watering
I top my plants to grow 8 branches and veg until tent is full wall to wall before flowering and almost 3 feet tall (6-8 weeks)

Other than that, keep plants as healthy as possible, deficiencies or over-dosing of nutes and watering issues will slow growth and cut down on yield.

All that makes for a tent packed with bud like this, no empty spaces, there are 4 plants in there


Great light. 1 lb is not bad but you could certainly up that with some little changes, perhaps bigger pots, I used 7 gal fabric pots when I was doing potting soil, now I use 5 gals in coco. Plants grow faster in coco and could help increase yield. Maybe veg longer if you’re not using up your vertical space.


Whatcha got growin in there if you don’t me asking? Awesome job as always! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

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That was a 3 Gorilla Glue grow with one of my Cherry Ice Cream clones in the back left.

Current grow is Banana Kush, growing in the same style, at 2 weeks flowering, tall plants again, except for 1 shorty that I had to prop up.


Ya see! Look at how tall those plants are! Very nice! :heavy_check_mark:


And to achieve 8 main branches I should top the plant at the 3rd node? I feel like I’m overthinking this!

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In your opinion, how is the GG compared to SD buzz wise?

Each node will give you 2 branches.

Damn Hell! What a beautiful flowering tent you got growing!

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I’ll get a couple pics today

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10 days in Flower
IMG_4212 IMG_4213 IMG_4211