Young Buds to get high? Or let em ride!

I dont think I cleaned enough up on the lower part of the plant around the 3 week mark of flower. I’m wondering when I do my next clean up here in a couple weeks are they gonna be worth keeping drying and smoking? Or should I now leave any and all buds to to the finish line?


Its kind of a personal decision.
I dont remove any of them. Once I grind them up I cant tell any difference between them and an upper denser bud. Others feel like they are worthless and a waste of plant energy.
So you are likely to get various answers.
They look very healthy so you look to get a great harvest. My concern would simply be good air circulation. To avoid mold I might remove enough to ensure there is no wet buds.


I’m with @Spiney_norman. I only remove the tiniest of bottom buds, and only early on. I figure so long as they get light and air, why not. So far it’s worked for me.

That plant is outrageously bushy and loaded with buds. Looks great!


I am with the rest i don’t remove no bud sites until ready to harvest as long as good air flow and good light plant looks amazing.


Awesome! I like the thought of keeping them better than getting rid of them for sure.

I wouldnt keep em on autos. As it is when I do get larf I just use that for edibles or turn into hash.

I need to look into how to do edibles and hash.

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I just got a rosin press a few months ago, cant wait for harvest so I can sit down and use it! Kinda a hands on learner.

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How much investment for one of those?

I spent 400 but I wish I had spent more. Neumatic is the wsy to go

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You can defol as you grow. Any time. I’d defol some now, and let them finish. Good luck!

Thanks @Newt. I think I’m almost to the point where I don’t want to move them around too much. The nugs are getting heavier and they’re starting to lean. I’m installing new bar track lights this week and this will give me more points of connections to utilize the yo yo hangers. Gonna be shop vac’n the runoff from that point forward.

What do you use the rosin for? Is that what concentrates are made from?

Rosin is a concentrate. Its main difference from other concentrates is that it is made without the use of any solvents. (Ie propane, butane, isopropyl Alch)

You can dab it, put it ontop of a bowl, roll it in a snake around a joint (as long as consistancy is there) you can also cook with it. Oil infused with plant as thc source tends to look black or green. If you infuse oil with rosin, it will be cleaner due to there being no chlorophyll thus a nicer color and overall flavor. Rosin tastes great, chlorophyll… not so much.


Wow. I’m going to have to start reading more on that now too. Not something I’ve tried.

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Rosin at the dispensary can cost 50.00 a gram or more.

Hey Doc, is this what you’re making with your nug press? I’m really considering ordering that one you were mentioning to me.

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Yes sir! Its a worth while investment. Takes a few oz’s of material to get the pressing down. But oh man, tastes so good.

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So how do you most like to use your Rosin? Smoking it? I never used it before.

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This will help.

Cannabeard reminds me of a guy I know.
Sorry late reply, didnt see this one.