Can i press fresh cliped buds

Ive never seen anyone press fresh bud for rosin. Ive also read that it will be too watery to do anything with. Is that live rosin? Ive heard live rosin is insanely good. Im only using a hair straightener, since pressing machines are insanely expensive lol. Also will i still get good rosin from the lower small nugs that aint really worth drying?

Has anyone built any diy presses? I have material just not sure about heating the plates.

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@Hogmaster had a thread on all things to do with pressing nugs.
Very informative. Some diy presses and how to’s on procedures.
@Big123 presses regularly. There’s a few more folks around but I can’t remember who else atm.
And welcome to ILGM. :+1::v:

Awesome thnx bubba now i just gotta learn my way around this site lol

I have a press, but I’ve only used to to press hash I’ve harvested from bud or sugar leaves.

If you want to make live rosin, clip the buds, do a light trim of mostly fan leaves with out any trichomes. Freeze the buds immediately and let sit 24hr. Once frozen go ahead and make bubble hash from your frozen harvest. The result will be rather fragrant hash ball, simply gather an appropriate micron bag for your yield , then press the bubble hash, live rosin :slight_smile:

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You can NOT press fresh flower! When you trim them they are 70% water still and it will make all kinds of a worthless stinky mess.
If you want to press flower my best results come from cured buds at around 68% relative humidity.
Someone above mentioned bubble hash. Take your trimmings, anything with trichomes on it and freeze it right away. Get some bubble bags and watch a whole bunch of YouTube ( I recommend mr. Canucks) and get ready for a lot of fun and some great results.