Best Rosin press for table top home use

I’m in the market for a rosin press, anyone have one that they are happy with? So far nugsmasher og is the one I am leaning towards. Any information is appreciated


I’m in the same boat, I’ve noticed a lot of the name brands are super expensive vs the off brand ones are like half the price so I’m looking to see what everyone thinks

Yeah, I noticed the same, now I need to know if they are 2x as good for 2x the price, I’m sure theres a cheap gem out there somewhere let me know if you find out anything good man and I will do the same.


@Hogmaster has a thread on pressing. Think it’s called pressing with hog


Thanks man. I checked it out, super helpful.

@orb932 check that thread pressing with hog. Full of good stuff

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I had a buddy ask me about gummies yesterday and have been looking at it a bit. I just watched a Nugsmasher promo video. Pretty cool stuff!

Thanks I was looking for a thread on this.

@MidwestGuy did you ever get a rosin press? Which one would you recommend? I’d prefer a plug and play setup as opposed to DIY. Was looking at a dabpress and nugsmasher

I’ve never really researched presses too much and don’t know a whole lot about them. Sorry.

I can’t edit my previous post so I’ll add another.

I have heard a couple of growers talk about how good the Nugsmasher is. I was thinking about it at one point, but the Nugsmasher is expensive and I decided I would just stick with hash if I wanted a concentrate. Hash is fairly easy to make.

You can probably find some good review videos on YouTube. You might also create a new dedicated post on presses with a catchy title to get peoples’ attention. I know there are a few growers around here than do use a press. I just can’t think of any at the moment. It’s something that I haven’t seen discussed for a while.

@Nicky ?

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Dabpress is a better bang for your buck then nug smasher. Be sure to at least get the 7ton.
If you can afford the 10 ton with a pressure gauge that would be ideal but you can do it without a pressure gaurd it’s just harder to repeat the process.

Get away from pressing flower as soon as possible, get a little portable cloths washer and use it to make bubble hash, get a bubble hash bag kit that has a 45 micron bag in it.
Microplane your bubble hash for it to dry and then press it through the press in 37 micron bags to make hash rosin. Or you can dry sift but that’s the lazy way and the yeild is lower.
Flower rosin is meh hash rosin is booofkkkk ya.

I bought a rig someone else made.


I saw that in another post and you had to repair it but thats the risk we take. I was looking at nugsmasher and dab press but just want to use it to make my own dab from flower as I have no clue about bubble hash or any other methods. Is it worthwhile for just pressing flower if I prefer dab smoking over green?

Lol mine ended up just being a fuse I couldn’t findd it was stressful but super easy once I figured out the issue.

Yeah you can less flower use 90 micron bags and press vote tech style.
Here is the list of things you need to buy
Rosin press
Pre press mold (I got a dabpress cylinder off amazon really happy with it)
90 micron bafs
37 micron bags
Reynolds parchment paper
Glass no lip rosin jars (these are important do not use silicone! Terps break it down and it ends up in your rosin)
You will need a pack of dab aka wax carving tools
A bottle of iso
Fine mesh strainer, dollar store will do.

Heat to 180-220f depending on the strain this is an art you need to find what works best for the strain.
Allow very minor pressure, allow the bag to pre heat for 1-2min, slowly apply pressure until it gets stiff, give it one more squeeze but nothing crazy. Wait max 1-3min (gotta learn per strain per temp it’s all an art) then ramp up the pressure to max for 30sec.

Collect your product while it’s fresh is the easiest, put it in a glass jar, turn the press off and rest the glass jar on the plates just enough to melt the rosin and allow you to get your dab tool off (its really sticky)
Seal it up and put it in the fridge for 60 days.
It’s now at its prime.
Do not whip it!!! You loose terps.

Then take some bud and let it dry out, dry sift it with the screener, collect the dry sift into the 37 micron bag and press that at 160f.

You will never go back to pressing flower.

Bubble hash is way better and if you do it you then don’t have to even dry or cure your harvest, you just freeze it right after you harvest. Then toss it in a bubble hash machine (100$-150$) it washes all the tricombs off after 2-3 runs and drains it into your bubble bags (cheap kit make sure you get a 45 micron bag) dry your bubble hash and then make rosin hash.
No drying plants, no trimming plants (I just cut off fan leafs), no curing plants.
And rosin in the fridge will last years.


Some information for pressing

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