Anyone try a rosin press

Not sure where to put this but has anyone tried any rosin presses? I am thinking about buying one but not sure what to get. I have a small budget.


Hey man I haven’t tried any personally but if you’re handy enough your can build your own press with a Harbor Freight press and kits the have online for around 700 to 900 dollars (u.s.) they have youtube videos with builds and different styles from table top units to 20 ton shop press!

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I’ve seen up to 25tons online. Is more tonnage better? Idk but it sounds cool.

I think its @Hogmaster that has a pressing thread. Check it out.


@basementstealth that’s a great size if your running alot and I mean ALOT of product most home growers are using 12 ton h frame presses and getting great runs from a 3inch x 5inch plates and 2 heating coils or rods. I have been seeing alot of good things with the new circular style plates too as the surface area being smaller makes for even heat and pressure during the press. Most people are pressing pretty low pressure too if I recall.


I’m not a big fan of rosin, but I have debated pressing all my leftover larf. I’ll be following this to see what answers people have.


Here is the string on presses.

A high tonnage press just blows out the press bag. There is a point where it is a diminishing return. Here is the info to build the one I did.

I built a press for $255. I sourced materials from Amazon, Harbor Freight, and Menards/Lowes.
It was not all that hard to do. You really could use a drill press for the holes in the aluminium bars. This doesn’t include any tools you might buy, just the things needed. This build will save at least $150 over buying a pre-built press.

Aluminum bars $30.99 (Bar Stock|2 ea 3x6" 1.5" thick 6061 aluminum) Amazon

PID, Thermocouple, SSR $27.99 Inkbird ITC-100 PID, 40amp SSR, Thermocouple Amazon

Cable Glands $6.29 6 each 11mm Cable Glands Amazon

|Floor Flange 1 1/4" @ $5.29 flange Menards

Enclosure- 6"x6"x4" (to house the PID and cables) $12.70 Menards

|14 awg extension cord @ $14.83 (Use this for you wiring to bars and to plug in. Harbor Frieght

|Cartridge heater YXQ 9x60mm |2 each@ $9.99= $19.98| Amazon

Thermal paste 1ea @|$6.95 20 gm Amazon

12 Ton Press $129.99 Harbor Freight (Google for 20% off coupon)




If anyone wants to do the build here is the schematic for PID. Otherwise remember to put the right code in the PID for the K type thermocouple and you’re done. Piece of cake


And how do you like it? Like Roisin? Suggest it?
The wifey loves shatter but Roisin sounds better and no solvents

They are way better then shatter 0 chemicals I have been pressing a few years now and absolutely love it fresh


Agree with @Hogmaster. I love having different ways to enjoy. Pressing is easy and oddly satisfying to do. :slight_smile:


Hahaha odly satisfying


Wow nice, I will look in to that. Thank you.

I am thinking about a rosinbomb rocket, but those are expensive. There is also some hand crank presses for just over $200 on ebay. I live in an apartment building in which I am not supposed to smoke so I would like the rosin to get rid of a lot of the smoke, plus it is much more potent.

I had a rosineer and now I have a Dabpress and I love it 3 ton press it’s perfect

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Why did you go with the dabpress @Hogmaster ?
I haven’t really done any research on any of them my girlfriend watched some video and seen snoop dog endorsing one but she can’t find it now. I’ve just seen the Roisin tech ones at the grow stores

I have officially bought a rosinbomb rocket. I will post my opinion once I get it and try it out.


I got one tried it and liked it

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Hahaha fair enough


I got a rosinbomb rocket. I like it but have to buy the best strain for pressing.

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Hmm that doesn’t sound ideal

@dave68 Yeah they waste way to much I have tested several presses but what ever works for you they can be expensive