Yellowing of leaves on plants

Yellowing of leaves. These are 6 week old autos. Been watering every 3 days to about 20% runoff. Been in flower for about 2 weeks. First im seeing of this

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That looks like normal shedding. The plant is done with those leaves and has drained them of nutrients. They are starting to flower so now would be a good time to increase the Phosphorous and Potassium (P+K) when feeding.


You should also check ppms + ph of your water / soil just to be safe

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Does anybody know what’s going on here? It’s a gelato auto flower an about 2 weeks old

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Just uneven coloring I suspect. Common on seedlings.

She’s getting hungry. :upside_down_face:

So here are the plants about 12 hours after feeding the exact amount recommended by fox farms fruit and flower. Do these look nutrient burnt? Haven’t checked runoff since this morning but i dont want to water again.