Yellowing leaves 5th week of flower

Auto Amnesia week 8 from germination and week 5 of flowering. In 7 gal fabric pots, FFHF soil, and I feed humboldt flower stacker and silica blast once a week. I only water when pot feels light and lights are 958 true watts led for 18hrs.

Is this too soon to see the lower fan leaves yellowing? I feel like I have at least another 3-5 weeks to go.


So it is normal to lose the BOTTOM fan leaves first however, your yellowing seems to be climbing. Are they getting calmag?

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Yes, I forgot to mention I also give them micro from Advanced Nutrients.

Looks pretty normal. They have done all they can. Since they are on the bottom, it appears to be in that stage.


I was gonna lightly defoliate some more to get light to the lower bud sites, but now I’m not so sure since she’s already eating up her fan leaves.
Think it would be ok?

Yeah, I think some light defoliation is ok. Just don’t make her bald haha. I would do a bit, see how she is the next day, do more if needed. I left my yellow leaves on as long as I could. Figured I’d let the plant eat those before it yellows elsewhere.

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Thanks! I’ll give it a go.

5 weeks into flower with autos, I’d say it’s natural progression n yellowing is the result. Read Mr Bergman’s journals they should have ur answers. I don’t grow autos so I can’t say fer sure. But from what I’ve read on autos, aren’t they 10 weeks of flowering??:v::v::alien:

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Read up on pruning :alien:

I do mad defols on my autos and it dont seem to affect them too much. As long as u get them between stages u will b ok. Watch them everyday u will see a difference. When u wake up and dont aee any differences thats when i do defols. Thats when roots r atretching and growing so plant has stopped for that so defol dont hurt then. I do 3 sometimes 4 defols on my autos. When at first i see them super bushy about 22 days into flower and 42 days into flower then 2 weeks before chop i strip all the big fan leaves off. When chop comes all i jave to do is chop it hang it to dry and after dry i do the final dry trim on the claw lwaves and sugar leaves. Good luck and welcome. If u defol watch the plant id say withing 3 or 4 days u wont even be able to tell u did a defol on her.


Very nice plant, you look to have several weeks to finish up. I would check my PPM runoff make adjustments accordingly. It is normal for lower fan leafs to age out an turn yellow, you might be a little early. Just my thoughts happy growing !

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Thanks everyone for the reassurance this is normal! This is my first auto grow and for me it’s much different than growing photos. I’ve done plenty of reading, but I learn the best with a hands on approach.

For example, with the lights being on for 18 hrs stupid me moved the lights closer just like I would for a photo plant flowering and I suffered minor light burn. Sometimes it’s the little things experienced growers forget to tell us newbies. Oh well, you live you learn…

I just enjoy watching things grow. It makes my heart smile :blush:

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I know this is an old post but did this end up being ok? Im doing my first run with autos im this is happening to me. 5th week of flower a bunch of fan leaves strarting to turn yellow.