Never again, Autoflower

I am at a loss! Did I mention that I will never grow another autoflower seed again.

Gelato33 Auto, popped 1/17, flowering since 2/15
2x4 closet, 200 watt Good Earth Lighting
5 gallon fabric pot. Soil, Advanced Nutrients as scheduled
PH 6.3 and 1300 PPM in with 6.9 and 340 PPM on the runoff as of yesterday’s reading.
I have flushed this plant more than I have flushed the toilet. 24 gallons of water through the soil 3 weeks ago to balance the PH of the soil was at PH7.6 and now it is between 7.1 and 6.8 on the runoff.
I can’t get rid of the yellow leaves! My concern now is, will it finished maturing before it loses all the leaves. My guess is another 3 or 4 wekks until harvest.


Autos are really finicky. It looks like ph is your problem here along with starving. If your final runoff was a ppm of 340 and a ph of 6.9 ( which isnt bad considering flower ). I would feed to a runoff of 1000 and try to bump your ph down to around 6.7 for nute uptake during flower. Here is a chart that will help

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Don’t give up on the autos Growmie, it’s the medium or your feeding routine prior to the flush. Have you been feeding at 900-1000 PPms and Consistently PHing to 6.5 with liberal run off each time? Looks like you’ve got at least 6 weeks left on this one :love_you_gesture:


Feeding at 6.0-6.4 and 1300-1500ppm. Runoff at those levels tell me she is using the nutes, mostly. The PH is alkaline is the soil, hence the 24 gallon flush at PH 6.0 to balance.


High on the PPms in my experience. You don’t let them sit in the run off correct :love_you_gesture:

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Sorry your having issues. Noticed your location, have family in Newtonia. A smaller town than I graduated from.

The positive note, those guys will help you out.


Even if it loses most all of it’s leafs it will still finish.
I strip most all my leafs off on purpose after the stretch.

This is a Bruce Banner auto i just trimmed an i will take even more leafs soon.

This is an Alaskan Diesel that’s about finished that was stripped just the same.
So that’s not a big issue really.

My concern would be why is she dropping leafs :thinking:

When you first started getting the high run-off ph numbers, what did the plant look like before you started flushing to correct soil ph?

If the plant was otherwise happy and healthy before trying to correct the PH then the flushing is more then likely the issue.

Plant simply looks hungry to me :man_shrugging:.

Run-off numbers are great to keep a log of and are very useful on the tds side, but I’m unconvinced that runoff ph numbers are an accurate representation of the “soil ph”.

From my experience, idc what the runoff ph numbers are, I’m not trying to correct them unless the plant shows clear signs of ph issues.


Correct. Plants are sitting on risers. Water with a wet dry cycle, usually every 3 or 4 days, about 2 liters plus a good runoff to test. Water from tap is 8.5-9 consistently. I am correcting that with AN PH down in a 6 gallon (23ltr) container.

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Would you suggest to “ignore” the ph issue and just focus on the ppm? Since I am already feeding hot, possibly feeding more frequent? As of now it is a feeding every other water cycle.

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From my experience with autos tend to do better with a little less on PPM around 800 to 1000 at the most. My 1st though looking at the picture plants look hungry. Are you Adjusting PH back after mixing feed to 6.5 PH ?
Happy growing :v:


Feeding cycle is 6.3-6.4, water is 6.5.

That’s good numbers , Plants have nice buds coming on. You might consider adding some
Cal-Mag on water day , Scratch in a little worm castings or worm frass back off PPM feed under 1000 .

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Did you drop nitrogen off the regimen? That’s what it looks like to me. If you were still using nitrogen then it must be a ph issue

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That’s what it looks like but no.

This is a feeding. Mixed in a 2 liter bottle.

What’s the top meter reading?

PPM, it actually has a “X10” digit that shows meaning to multiply by ten. So that reading is 1600 PPM.

I’m looking at the bottles ingredients and everything I see is low nitrogen 2% or less unless I’m seeing wrong. My thinking is a lack of nitrogen


Well you would think Advanced Nutrients basics would have just that, the plant basics.


That is what I would do.
Im unfamiliar with that nutrient line but 1300ppm seems high to me but each line can be a little different.

The high ppm in and low numbers out seems odd to me I’ll admit.

But if the issue isn’t getting better and wasn’t visible before the correction efforts, I would say try just what you said, feed, water, feed, water with plenty of run-off each time.
Im inclined to suggest dropping the ppms but again, I dont know that line and with good run-off to keep things fresh i don’t think it will hurt at all.


Looking better, I think she will be ok. I just keep feeding and watching