Sad plant dying

Plant is about 6 1/2 weeks old. It started around day 23 with brown tips and just a little discoloring of the older leaves. So I changed my watering habits but didn’t help and even added some Epsom salt and a week after cal mag because I thought had magnesium deficiency and also added dynogrow bloom(stupid mistake) for extra boost but none of them helped if anything I think caused toxicity. Only watered twice with those supplements about a week ago. After that I overwatered once by mistake about three days ago and of course got worse… and was waiting for it to dry so I can add some flora micro because now it seems like it has nitrogen deficiency.I just watered tonight with flora micro, Only 1/3 strength recommended by apotforpot. Last 4 pics are from tonight
I am growing in living soil. Bought kit from
Gorilla glue autoflower
Mars hydro tsl 2000w
Ph 7


Pics are in order

Where is your ppm and ph at? Looks like you have a lot of things going on. The living soil doesn’t really need much in way of feeding until just before you flip to flower. I’d start by testing for ppm and ph on runoff. I’d say both are a bit out of range.


You definitely need fertilizer

For testing ph and ppm on runoff, should I only water about 1/4 of the pot to avoid over watering? I know is not recommended to have runoff for living soil but can it get any worse, probably not @shindig153

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I grow using a living soil. I don’t normally test my runoff either. I do every once in a while to see if my top dress is adequate. If I had what’s going on with your grow I’d be testing the runoff to see what’s going on with my soil. It’s not really a living soil unless it’s healthy. Watering to runoff isn’t going to affect anything. Make sure to let the pot dry out really well before watering again. As I stated before, if you paid for living soil there should be no reason to feed until just before flower. Only other time is when you reuse the pot for another grow.

Living soil isn’t easy to grow with unless you understand how to feed and maintain it. Technically there should be a cover crop and straw to create a healthy environment for the worms and other critters. Should have something composting on top of the soil at all times. Also a dry top dress for nutrients to be composted and moved into the soil by the worms.

Here’s an example

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@shindig153 I have a feeling I been under watering. Been giving it 1 cup of water every other day or so with temp 82F and humidity 60%. but the last three days it’s been 84f and 50% humidity.

Just 1 cup every other day…oh no no no. That size of plant will probably take up to a 1/2 gallon per watering.

My girls will end up taking 1 gallon every day due to the size I grow. :+1:

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@MrPeat are you growing in living soil?

@MrPeat @shindig153
So I just watered like 8 cups trying to get some runoff for testing which I haven’t got there. realize after adding all this water my plant is looking a little better. I think we might have got to the root of the problem.

No…I use FFOF and I completely deplete it of all nutrients. Then its game on as I prefer it this way. Only catch is you have to start nutrients right of the gate.

Either way…1 cup every 2 days I don’t get.

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Keep watering until you see runoff. Then tip to pot to the sideto feel the weight of it. When the pot is light again it’s time to water in the same manner. Get a little runoff each time and let it dry back out. All the runoff water will be sucked back up into the pot.

Not enough water could very well be your problem.


It could take about 1/2 gsllin of water or more to get runoff.


Glad you jumped onboard @shindig153. So I was about right when I said up to a 1/2 gallon. :+1:


@MrPeat @shindig153 thank you very much. Your help is much appreciated. Just one more little question. About how much runoff?, I’m thinking just a few drops out the bottom if I was not going to test it.


You got it. Just enough to test. The remaining water will be sucked up into the pot in a short period of time.

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I use my Turkish Coffee pot to collect run off. I normally don’t need to but just for the craps and giggles of it. Just enough when the meter is supposed to be at when checking. Its not much at sll. :+1:

@MrPeat @shindig153 this are my readings on runoff
365 x10 ppm
6.6 ph


I maybe wrong but that is pretty low for run off. In reference to the ppm.