Auto help needed , lower faiding


Just wanting a opinion on a issue, this a Auto, it came in a assorted pack so I don’t know the exact strain, but she is 2 or 3 weeks into flower and some of the bottom leaves are faiding yellow, and the rest of the plant is a nice dark green, but after last waterkng I noticed some tip burn with faiding, any thoughts?

Pics and info below

Assorted auto
3 gal pots
Promix M
Ammended with Dr earth veg and all purpose, worm castings and lime.
Water every 4 to 5 days
I under 2 marswell 130 watt blurple lights
I water with terpinator and golden tree additive.

??? Maybe PH issue due to the over feeding or natural faiding due to flower?,

Thanks ahead of time guys

No pics… but by your description I’m gonna say it’s probably gonna be a magnesium def. only because that’s the most common problem in early flower. Nitrogen is my second guess because in the transition from veg to flower we start flower food which is normally low in n and leaves are still growing and need a little n. Again these are blind guesses. Merry Christmas hope I helped, good luck

Pictures in white light please.


Sorry I didn’t realize pics didn’t load ,

I don’t actually see a problem I think you are just being an over loving parent, unless there’s alot more not in the pics. I personally would trim off all that undergrowth, slowly of course you don’t want to disrupt the top with any unnecessary stress. I would take off a little every few days until it’s all cleaned up. From the soil to the first good buds the loose flowers around the bottom once they are dried will take a dozen or more to make a bowl. They are using up moisture and nutrients that could be going up to the top buds which would make em fatter.

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You belive that would be okay to do to an auto flower?
I thought about but I keep hearing not to do that it will stunt the plant but idk lol

It’s topping and training them that will slow their grow. Just cleaning up the bottom isn’t gonna hurt em, matter of fact it will help the top. Autos will flower on their own no matter what you do between 3 and 6 weeks so if you are cutting the tops and doing heavy training they don’t have time to recover and start growing again before they flower