Leaves seems sick. Please help

Hello guys. My autoflower plant is in its 8-9 weeks old. I firstly spot small buds and now some of leaves at the bottom got died and some other leaves seems sick.

May you help me identify and solve the issue. I’m afraid it’s too late already. God forbid :slight_smile:
@garrigan62 I really appreciate if you have a look here please.

Everything appears normal.
The smaller leaves at the bottom are always the first to die off. They don’t get any light at the bottom, and they die off on the bottom usually as the plant gets larger. The larger fan leaves will turn yellow as you progress farther into flower. Which is a good thing, she’s just using all of her available nutrients to make more flowers. @talal
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Welcome yr ok and wat @Covertgrower said so don’t worry yr doing well @talal hoping to see more foto soon blessd


When they start looking like the ones in the first and second picture they should be removed as they don’t help anymore.

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The 2nd to last pic looks to be nutrient burn. What are you feeding them and how much. Just for notes, You should be cutting back on Nitrogen, WHEN PLANTS GO INTO FLOWER THEY NEED MORE >p k and less N

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Thank you guys for your fast response. @garrigan62 I’m feeding 30-10-10 once every 3 waterings. Its the only one available in our country :frowning: here is the pic

I knew it. your N is way to high for flower. Are you sure that’s all you can get ?
You need some thing with a low N and a high P and K

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I’m gonna ask several other shops. Otherwise I’d have to order online. I hope its not too late, is it?

I know Amazon is pretty quick. Don’t know if you can use them or not, I hope so.

I can. But take extra days shipping time. Any recommendation?

First number is Nitrogen - you need one closer to 0. Here’s an example on Amazon - NOT a recommendation just an example for something to look for.


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See if you can get the liquid one for other plants I am sure u will find in yr local shop can I ask wat end you frm or wat side of the pond u on. Look for soil that has no nutes in it so u can add your self and the liquid nute will be something like the one use for tomatoes that will be hi in p.k


Try this link hope it can help you … https://www.aliexpress.com/

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@garrigan62 did I just burn it or she still needs more P and K? Some leaves started to die and fall over the plant.
I managed to get two different fertilizers one with 12-12-30 and one with 10-50-10
I only gave her 2 times of 12-12-30 now two last watering was clean water only. Should I start goving the 10-50-10

Ya you did, stop with the 12 - 12 - 30 if she is in flower just use the other one. Don’t use both at the same time. And when you start back up go 1/2 strength ok if no improvement then you’ll have to flush her and then start with 1/2

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