Yellow Leaves on plant, is it the strain


This is Auto orange cookies my ph is 6.9 and PPM is 900.

Yellow leaves only on top of plant

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Need to know if I need to add calmag or fertilizer?

Look hungry to me. I don’t see much (if any) indication of a CalMag issue.

Are you suggesting I water it or add nutrients, as I had stopped as of last week ? Just been watering it every other day. 3/4 gallon of water in a 5 gallon grow bag

That explains the yellowing. She is consuming any stored nutrients. Based on the amount of white hairs I see, she still has a few weeks to go (and fatten up). I think it is too early to start flushing.


Thanks for that, I was worried that it was rotted.

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Yes, keep feeding, and make sure the soil is dry before watering again. 3/4 gallon every other day seems like a lot to me. I usually water every fourth day in 5 gallon pots, sometimes every third day if they’re really sucking up water.


Your pH is a bit high at 6.9 - even for soil that’s high. pH issues lead to nute issues, if my experience has taught me much of anything.

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Where should my PH level be and do I need to purchase PH down ?

My 1st thoughts plant is hungry. Check PPM run off and follow up with feeding. According You still have a few weeks to finish up.

PPM run off was 900 today


Target 6.5 for you pH going in.

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Feed with 1000 PPM bloom nutes next time.