Yellowing leaves and ph issues

My white widow is in first week of transition, and I,m having issues with yellowing leaves and ph level.My runoff ph is in the 5.0 range. My watering and feed schedule is every 4 days. My feeding and watering ph level is in 6.7 range. I’m using espoma organic potting soil, flora grow three part nutrient system, with calimagic and floraliuos additives. I’m running VIPARSPECTRA 600w led light,humidity 45-50, temp 77-82. I’ve tried raising my feed and watering level in the 7.0 range,but runoff is still coming out in the 5.0 range. Any suggestions? Here’s some pictures

I’m having the same issue with my plant but I have not Idea how or why it’s happening it doesnt seem to be a problem after the first 3 bottom leaves

I’m not a pro but n my opinion you need to flush quick and adjust ph to 6.5 for soil. When giving calmag are other add ons treat them as medicine only give when needed then stop. Most likely you had a lock out cause the calmag issue. Simply flushing and adjusting ph to correct levels will fix most issues. I’m gonna tag you to another thread about ph happy learning and growing.

@fella1451 and @Knukle if your haveing major ph problems find @garrigan62 he has tons of info on the subject I hope your hard drive is clean because he has a lot good luck :four_leaf_clover:


I’m growing in a 3 gal. paint bucket, how much water do i flush with

3times the pot size is the rule of thumb. Start with 1-3 gal. Checking run off at every gallon or half gallon depending on how much you feed at a time.

If your tap water isn’t too bad you could flush the bulk of the flush with tap water and finish with ph 6.5 water. Check your ph and TDS before proceeding and of course you have to wait until the plant dries out before feeding. Do use some cal mag and don’t discontinue giving N.