Plant is looking worse and worse (3rd week flowering)

hey guys,

so my plant hasn’t been looking very good and a lot of the fan leaves are getting brown spots on them, even the newer growth

It just looks sickly and idk why I have been feeding Fox Farms nutes with cal mag every other watering and making sure my runoff ppm levels are around 1200-1800…what could be the issue here?

Please help this is what she looked like about a week and a half ago why was she so happy then and sad now

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I’m battling the same issue with my grow . I think I have it narrowed down to light burn. What’s your
run off PH?

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I just did a watering and measured the runoff ph, it’s at 4.9. is that too low? I’ve been trying to give it water with a ph of 6.5-6.8 (I usually go lower) to raise the runoff Ph but it’s still going under 5 every time.

I also moved the lights further away because they were kind of close and my plant has only gotten worse since then

Yes 4.9 is way to low even for hydro . What are you growing in ? You’ve most likely locked calcium out


damn. I’m growing in soil. How do I raise the runoff ph

Use a flushing product like sledgehammer Or you can run 5x your pot size in ph7 water . Your soil is probably salt loaded so you gotta get that flushed out
I try and keep my runoff numbers within 300ppm from what goes in to what comes out ( out being higher)


Ah I see. wish I knew that before I watered lol. Thanks!

We like to hit a ph of 6.3-6.5. I have found that 6.4 is somewhat of a sweet spot. It really allows the plants to suck up and use a wide rang of nutrients within the soil.
Happy growing…

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I always give it water with a ph of 6.5. I have no idea how this could have happened. I tried to flush with regular water a few days ago but after giving it 3 gallons of 7.5 ph water the runoff ph was still 4.9. I’m going to flush with sledgehammer next watering and while the soil dries up I get to watch my plant get even more sickly and rotten.

Flowering stage is truly a nightmare for beginners.


The salts from the nutrients built up and lowered your ph. This will also cause nutrient lockouts, probably why your seeing deficiency.

Are you watering till runoff every watering? I had the same problem last year with one of my plants. I was growing in promix, and my ph was off the charts, like around 4. I put so much water trying to flush my plant, even ended up just using the hose at one point. I got my ph to around 6, within a few days the new growth was back to normal.


Keep your head and green thumb up @The_Tank_2000, any issues you encounter this grow will make you that much more knowledgeable for next one. One you get your girls flushed, I think you’ll be back on track. I accidentally forgot to PH my feeding a week ago and seen some issues on my Mimosa, but I think she’ll be ok :v:

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Thanks for the encouragement guys. Just disappointed to see my once beautiful looking White Widow now look worse and worse. I’m gonna use Sledgehammer to flush I think that should be the same as giving it tons of water.

Also @Dave101 yes I water until I get a cup or 2 of runoff, the weird thing is that I have another plant that I’m growing in my closet, also a 3rd week flowered White Widow and that one is doing fine, even though I did the same exact things with both plants.

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Correct the issue now and she will make it harvest just fine . She’ll look ugly but we grow buds not leaves . I have had many grows that the leaves looked rough in the end , but still gave an amazing smoke. :v:


Although the both White Widows could of came from the same batch of seeds thee genotype and phenotypes will shoe diffent traits slightly. Especially if grown in different environments.
genotype (G) + environment (E) + genotype and environment interactions (GE) = phenotype (P)
Think of it like this. Two brothers have the same mother and father. Once these children start to mature and grow they will show different traits. One might have blonde hair and blue eye. The second brother might have blond hair and brown eye. Although there parents were the same they obtained different traits from each. Hints a batch of 5 seeds might not hold all the same traits.
Clones on the other hand… well this is a different story.
Overall point. You cant truly judge two plants of the same strain with one another when coming from seed. Just my opinion.
Happy growing…

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Oh of course, I learned that immediately when I started a bunch of seeds and saw them all grow differently from each other. For example the one I’m referring to in this post grew way bigger than the other but as a result was eating up more nutes in the soil. And apparently what I learned is that it also managed to get a salt buildup while the other one didn’t. Lol

Anyways, update: I flushed my plant yesterday with 7 gallons of hose water (it’s in a 3 gal pot) and I got the runoff ph to 5.6. yay. However the runoff ppm has now gone down to 80 (which is the ppm of the hose water). Is this ok to have such a low ppm or is it what I’m supposed to do when I flush?

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From what I’ve read for the same issues you should Feed her nutes after a flush like that.
Some recommend only half what she would normally get at her age. Some say her full nute feed.if you didn’t feed her the nutes immediately after the flush and better reading then of course the next watering will work.
JuSt another newbie passing on what I’ve read.
:sunglasses: currently experiencing the same issue.

Aye, this thread is pretty old and I’ve learned quite a lot since then, this was my first grow and it ended up failing here when I attempted to correct the ph issue by endlessly flushing it out with gallons and gallons of water

what ended up happening was the plant starved and fell over and died. It wasn’t a ph issue, it was hungry. If people tell you that you overfed because your pH is too low, that’s not true. I grow in FFOF and it’s normal for the ph to drop low like that from the runoff, but it’s not ok if your runoff PPM is coming out at 300 mid flower. and there’s nothing wrong with feeding at full strength (I mean, it’s basically what the nute company tells you, any time I do less than that I underfeed).

In essence,

Feed. Your. Plants.

thank you for listening to my ted talk

i hope you all have a wonderful day. stay lit