Yellow Seedling Tips - HELP!

The tips of two of my seedlings are very yellow. I believe my problem is overwatering but the dirt always seems bone dry. I mist the plants twice a day just lightly on the top soil. Perhaps my humidity is too high for the leaves? I am not sure. This is our first time growing and I hate to see these little guys die! They are still in the peat pellets, perhaps I should transplant them to a bigger container with better soil? Not sure what to do, any suggestions would be much help since I’m a newbie.
Strain - White Widow Auto
Soil - Started in Jiffy peat pellets
PH - 6.5-7
No Nutes added
Light system - BESTVA DC Series 3000W LED kept 30" from top of the plants.
Temperature at 70 degrees
Humidity is a constant 70%
This is 2 weeks out from being planted. Seems so small and stunted.


Peat pellets should be at 5.5 to 5.8 PH. If using straight water, they are ready for either nutrients or soil. When you do plant them; slice the outside of the peat pellet a bunch of times to help it break up.

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