Yellow edges on the tip of the leafs

eleven roses . 30 days in flowering. temperature 22-26 . humidity is usually on the low side. light - spider farm 4000 in 5x5 grow tent. blue sky soil. using blue sky organics and schedule for watering and fertilization. the tips of the edges of some of the leafs are turning yellow. is it over fertilization or they miss potassium ? I will try to upload picture.

Can you please post a pic of the whole plant too? Do some of the other leaves have the same problems?

wes . around 1/10 of the leaves.

Might be just starting, seems very little browning. I over feed and this is what it looked like.

Hard to say, but does look like a bit of nute burn.

Are you following the mfg schedule on the nutes? Most are too aggressive. I generally use only half-strength nutes and it keeps my PPMs in line. pH could be an issue too.

Here’s a couple of references that you might find useful going forward.

Thank you.

Thank you very much . References are very helpful. Most likely I`ll feed them with half straight for the next two weeks and see how is going.

Are you using Ph water in between feeds?

yes I do.

First time indoor grower. I purchased the Autoflower Pack. I have treated all my plants the same. Same soil, buckets, lights, fresh air, temperature, water, etc. I have not added nutrients! I have read many forums, looked at problem charts and I am just not sure why some of my plants have yellow tips that are starting to curl and others don’t? My Northern Lights look great! My Blueberries are the worst for yellow tips and curlings and my Amnesia Haze has some yelllow tips. Any suggestions for what my issue is I would greatly appreciate it.

First pic is Blueberry, second one is Amnesia Haze and the last one that looks great is the Northern Lights.