PLease help! Tips turning brown new leaves curling up

One plant has very tip of leaves turning yellowish brown. Other plant has the tips and some younger leaves turning upwards!!! :?:

Hi, more than likely nutrient burn. but we need more info like, hydro/soil ec ppm ph temp rh% levels then we can be a bit more helpful.

cheers, Brendan.

Yup, most likely nutrient burn from the nutrients in the soil/growing medium being too high/too strong. The pH could also contribute to a problem like this, causing a toxicity(too strong) or causing a lockout(not enough) of certain nutrients.

Thank you both! I am very new at this and have been Spraying the leaves with a diluted folar feed daily! Along with there water once a week. So should I flush them? I’ve been using some fox farm products and just watered them with Neptune fish product. The soil is a organic mix. Any recommendations will be greatly used! I’m concdering switching to Neptune competly because of all the great things I’ve heard. I’ve tried to upload pics but I can’t figure it out. I will email them if u would like to see. These are my very first so I want them to be a sucess

Spraying the leaves with a foliar feed daily might be the problem. Foliar feeding, outside of attempting to correct for a nutrient lock out at the roots, should not be attempted by a new grower, it is more of an advanced technique. The plants grow pretty fast and robust just by making sure the basics are close to ideal. Stick to keeping the pH and nutrients well balanced, don’t over water and be sure the plant is getting enough high quality light and good air flow and the growth rate should amaze you. Then after you are getting consistent reliable grows with the basics you can start adding more advanced techniques like foliar feeding.

I agree. Be careful when using a foliar feed. Glad to see a new grower here for grow support! :smiley: We have a great support staff, and a bunch of helpful members; Ready to help you all the way to harvest. Happy growing, Peace.lw

its the end of the 3rd week of vegetation & a few of my plants lower fan leaves are turning yellow with brown spots on leaf tips.the yellowing starts at tips & in middle finger of leaf first, then the yellowing slowly heads toward leaf stem, brown spots only on tip portion of plant & run 1/3rd of the way to the stem of the affected leaves. thought it might be a PH problem but they are all 7 ph. next I think it may be a nitrogen deficiency, or a zinc deficiency. its not a heat problem the room is a constant 75 degrees, & i’m pretty sure its not an over-watering issue issue, but I need to know what it maybe & how to correct it as I am about 6 days from going to 12/12 hrs HPS600 for flowering for 8 weeks. I sure would appreciate all your help on this one as I am a total beginner at this & I value your opinion as the Professional grower & problem solver. FYI I grow in soil, not hydroponics. Thank you, Scott

Actually pH at 7.0 might be too high.

Are you growing in regular soil?

Hydro pH is 5.8 and soil should be 6.5 and so your pH could be too high and causing the problem, or at least a contributor.

We could use a lot more details, what are you feeding it? How are you growing it, etc?

Also more than just pH is needed, we could know EC or TDS concentrations.

Check out the questions on the support ticket and answer all of them to the best of your ability or ask more questions about what we need that info and we might be able to narrow down the cause of your problem.