Black/dark brown tips curling up

HI, I did see other posts that are asking about the same thing, but most were indoor grows. Mine is outdoors growing indoors is not an option. I am at a significant altitude and the sun gets HOT during the afternoon. I’m wondering if what is happening to my plants is related directly to the sun being to hot or possibly I used to much plant food and it got burned from that. I was told not to cut off the dying leaves, just leave them as they are, is that correct? I can’t do anything about the location of the plants right now. All my alternatives either have birds that eat the plants, white fly outbreaks, and God knows what else, some kind of black worm eating the leaves. So since I can’t control the heat of the sun, which is a good 90 F everyday what can I do. All the watering and white fly spraying is done at night so there is no liquid being applied to the plant that would burn it in the sun. Any info would be great! Thanks

It is a nute burn but the black is throwing me off could also be Phosporus deficiency do you know what ph your soil is?

could be “nutrient splash” if it doesn’t effect any other leaves and your top to middle leaves

was a possiblity but same person has different pics posted and very consistant on all lower leafs also necrotic not simply dry brown or yellow

Hi DonaldJ, you hit it right on the nose. It was nute burn and I am supposing phosphorous deficiency as well. I got a PH testing kit and my PH was over 7.5. So I got PH down granules and it took several tries but I finally got the water down to 6.0-6.5. Then I began flushing and flushing, then flushing some more until the PH going in was the PH coming out. The worst plant took 10 liters of proper PH’d water before what came out on the bottom was correct. That night and most of the next day all the plants were really droopy and I was sweating a bit on whether they would come back or not. The day after that they absolutely exploded in growth! They looked completely refreshed and revived! All the larger leaves towards the bottom are fried and are definitely not coming back. The worst ones eventually turned yellow and fell off. So there was permanent damage to the early, now larger leaves. The new growth for the most part is a beautiful green. Since this post they have grown about a foot vertically and expanded outwards a great deal as well. I have a simple two liter soda bottle that I water from and its a pain in the ass sometimes to get the PH where it needs to be but it is the A number 1 basic for any beginner, I can not stress the importance of PH level. Also, I made the mistake of getting some random soil and plant food that I did not know what was in it, Big mistake. I have since gotten a bag of Top Crop and transplanted into 10x10 mesh pots. The difference is unbelievable. Also, I have been spraying with a Neem mixture every few days and haven’t seen a white fly since. Thank you so much Donald you saved my babies!

No problem always nice to know was able to help some times people don’t get the importance of ph can’t afford the meter or simply think advice given or questions asked are too complicated and not relevant lol. Always makes me happy when people are growing to their expectations :slight_smile:

Well I have several grow shops here in Chile and most of the PH meters were digital and upwards of $30. I eventually found a grow shop that sold a basic liquid/test tube kit for $6.00 and it’s worked beautifully. So to anyone out there who is questioning getting a PH tester you don’t have to break the bank to get it. It should be on the top of your priority list beginners!

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