Some leaves look slightly wrinkly and serrated edges turned up

Not 100% sure what’s going on here… this just started yesterday so I want to catch it early.
Also I’m new to the online thing just joined today. Haven’t grown in years,
Its FFOF soil with a bit of extra perlite for drainage,
Tap water but I let it sit in 5gal buckets for a few days to evaporate some stuff and balance the PH.
I will have PH and PPM pens in a few days but for now I’ve just kinda assumed the PH was OK because they’ve been beautiful until yesterday.
About a week ago I fed with Advanced Nutrients “ph perfect” 3 part solution, I fed at half the strength listed for very young plants so I would assume it can’t possibly be too much.
Could it possibly be light stress?? I did have the LEDs down about 18 inches from the plants, I raised them lastnight just in case.
My temp sits around 75-82 and humidity in the 30s-40s


Looks like they’re ready for bigger pots.
Bring up the humidity in your grow space. I do this with a wet towel sitting in a container of water infront off a fan. It helps if your on a budget.
And the leaf edges curling up i think is a sign of heat stress.
Besides that they look great. And welcome to the forum.


The smaller ones yes I’ve been meaning to repot was just waiting on soil to be delivered.
The larger ones are in 3gallon pots, is that not big enough?

I have a cool-mist humidifier in the room, I can turn it up, I was just weary of getting condensation on the lights. But I suppose they’re probably built to handle humidity?
Should I be aiming for more like 50-60% or something?

And thank you :slight_smile: it’s awesome to have all this help available online. Wasn’t like this last time I grew.


I agree. Humidity is too low. FF has enuf nutes to last about 4 to 5 weeks. When did the girls sprout?


I stupidly did not keep track when I started, had too much planning going on ordering different things on Amazon trying to be ready haha but this was April 24 so the older ones likely early to mid April and the smaller ones around the 24th?

I turned my humidifier up, trying to find the right position to keep the dial because one day I had it turned up high it got to like 80%.
With my temp hovering around 80-84 in the day and 75ish at night, what should I aim for humidity-wise??

Also I raised my lights because I considered that it might have been too intense and now a couple of them are doing the “praying” thing pointing leaves upward.
Does that mean they want the light lower again or ?


Just checked them, humidity is now at 56% and I’m not positive but MAYBE some of the curling edges might be relaxing,

But check this out… One leaf turned itself completely sideways O.o
Is that something that happens??

@dbrn32 Here is @SynysterChris ‘s journal.

It looks like time to ask for a Support ticket from ya, Chris - that way we can get a lot of answers and there’s an easy spot to refer back instead of having us ask eight times for the same info (although I can promise you I’ll do that anyway :joy:)

Specifically related to your lighting Q about the VS1000 and the Bloomspect 1000 (two 100w lights), I’m curious what size tent or space you’re in and how many plants you intend to flower out.


Yeah it happens for a couple of days :joy:

If you’re gonna want to fill it up with plants, we definitely need to get you more light. 200 watts is alright for a 2x2 but won’t do a long way in flower for a 4x7 space.

I know dbrn will help hook you up with good recs. :100:



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Dammit why ya gotta tell me the truth?! I hate it!
Dang that’s what I was afraid of. The LED tech is a new thing to me. I grew some great stuff but it was years ago with high electric bills lol

They put such big numbers on these models of LEDs,
VS600 VS1000 VS4000 etc,. And advertise things like a 1000 will veg a 3x3 and flower a 4x4,.
Part of me thought Too good to be true using only 100ish actual watts each but for like a hundred bucks each I had to try lol.
Seems to actually be okay for vegging though,
(Although I don’t have the room filled yet)

Well damn.

So I guess my Ultimate question is(for now, more later lol),
To do 12 plants about Medium size, like not entirely fill the 4x7 but just leave enough room to walk around them,
So maybe a 3X6 total canopy,
How much light should I have and how should it be divided among multiple lights?
Ex. Two 200s vs one 400 etc


Having 6" all the way around plants isn’t really much to work with. I would rethink this and then we can take a look at lights.

Where is entrance to your room? Wonderful if entrance is in middle you could do something like 2x4 or so worth of canopy at each end, then leave middle 2-3 open to access both sides?


Ugh you’re right…
Especially since the door is on the end, the short side. Guess I’ve set myself up for some big inconveniences.
So maybe more like a 2x5 canopy and it’ll still be tight but I’m pretty lanky so I could make it work with 1ft of floorspace around them…

So assuming that, like a 2x5 canopy area likely composed of 6-10 medium sized plants or whatever fits, what kinda actual wattage should I be wanting or at least what is “acceptable”,. I’m just getting this started so I don’t need it to be the absolute best it could be, it’ll be a growing venture

In the long run that’s a great idea, maybe I will build another door in the middle of the 7’ wall

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So this is 5 of what i would consider just over medium sized plants in a 4x6 space and its really 1 to many. I have a 720watt led bar style light thats about $1,000 if this gives you an idea.


So I guess I’m gonna need to both flower them smaller than that along with getting more light…
I can’t put thousands into this yet so for this grow I think I’ll have to go smaller than I had hoped.
In your opinion, if I was gonna go with around 500-750 watts,
Is it better to have One 600 watt light or three 200s?
I was surprised at how physically small LED lights are.

Beautiful by the way!:heart_eyes:

You could do more than 2x5’ if you want to. And there is a lot of room for interpretation on medium sized plants. Imo a large plant is one that has been grown naturally given full season of reasonable outdoor conditions or has gotten extended veg time and training applied to significant increase canopy size. And a small plant is that which belongs in a type of micro grow. Anything in between those is a medium sized plant to me. Mattybear runs 8 plants in 2x4 regularly now. Imsickkid did 5 plants in 3x3 all the time. There is no hard number as far as plant count in any given space. There is however some basic thoughts to keep in mind. Growing large plants is going to take time. The longer your grow takes the more it will cost to run equipment. But your potential yield per plant should be significantly higher. You could however fill the same space in less time using more plants. If growing from seed the seed cost will be a little higher, and you need yo be careful not to overgrow your space. Neither right or wrong, just things you have to consider and have a plan for.


Yeah I suppose “medium” could mean a lot of things haha sorry. I want to get as much canopy space as possible while still being able to access them, but of course I’m not going to complain if one gets too big and “inconveniences me” in watering or something haha.

That’s kinda what I had in mind, that maybe it’s more efficient to grow a higher number of plants at a smaller size rather than a few huge plants. I can have up to 12 currently.

I started these from seed but plan to be cloning the healthiest ones to fill the area with those and giving away the slower growers to my sister (they’ll likely die of neglect in her back yard)
But yeah im going to be continuing from clones until I get some decent strain seeds and then going from clones of those.
(And hopefully building a second 4x7 next to the current assuming this one ends up productive)

So it’s sounding like I need a light upgrade,
What kinda lights do you think would be best to cover let’s say 3x6 or 3x7ish?

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Are you pretty handy when it comes to assembling things?

Definitely. I built my growroom from scratch and I’m that guy that fixes my families cars and washing machines when crap happens.

kinda wish I wasn’t but yeah if something’s cheaper to build than buy that’s my choice haha


With the exception of heat sinks, quite possibly.
The light guru is gonna drop some knowledge. I feel it in my spider senses. :wink::nerd_face::v:


You can get a pretty good value buying qb kits from horticulture lighting group. Or i could help you build fixtures from scratch.