Anyone know what’s doing this?

Hey, any thoughts on my yellow leaves??
4th week of flower. Flower nutes. Ph is 6.2
Thank you

Looks like you have a few things going on. From the burnt tips, looks like you over fed once or twice. The yellowing almost looks like nitrogen deficiency. But can’t tell you more unless we know more. Fill out a support ticket for better information

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This is what you need to do so the Pro’s can help you. And it does look like a few things going on which your girl doesn’t like.

I’ve never had stuff like this happen before

Thank you

Looks like nutrient burn or imbalance, or perhaps too much P antagonizing other nutrients.

Before you start chasing with nutes do 2 simple things.
-1 CHECK THE CALIBRATION OF YOUR METER…I learned this the hard way…instructions for my meter said no need to check calibration…sooo I had all sorts of problems…then a couple of days ago I decided to check my meter. In the standard 7.0 test solution it was reading 7.4. Recalibrated and my plant has grown almost 2”. If ph lvl is too low/high it will cause mute lock out. So when I dropped my ph to 6.0 to try and clear up soil ph it was actually 5.6.
-2 check the distance your light is from your plant.

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Yea, the meter! I just recently calibrated mine (Myron-L) when I noticed the reading was off compared to what I’m used to seeing, first sings of stress are relaxed leaf tips (in grow) when the actual PPM is too high.

Now that my meter is calibrated correctly my plant is showing signs of recovery. Clawing is almost gone and have a lot of new growth. And it’s my understanding that the yellowing leaves will not recover. Checked run off and it was good finally. 6.8ph. Didn’t check ppm because I trashed the 1 I had

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