WW fem, should they be so tall before commencing leaf?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I have germinated two of the WW fem seeds, planted them into small pots and they’ve grown straight up before starting to leaf slowly. Germinated under a small light, then moved in the small pots into a grow tent. My question is, should they be so tall before commencing leaf? I’ve put them into small pots and they still appear to be getting taller with minimal leaf at the top. I’ve added a photo, the one in the background is a different strain. Please let me know your thoughts.”


Lights are to far away from the plants… The plants are “stretching” towards the light… How high and what kind of lights are you using…


that’s not good they are stretching :frowning: normally i’d say move the light closer but can see your LED and urmm they aren’t my thing and know they have to stay a certain distance away…
@Countryboyjvd1971 @peachfuzz @Donaldj (i know your not led but your a smart cookie) led stretching how to solve this??


can repot them though and plant them deeper the stem will turn to new root :wink: but still need to figure out your lighting distance


I’m only newby (student of ILGM) and from what I’ve learned because im using LED along with CFL support about 2 to 4 inches away from the plants throughout their growing process…insuring the light they need without burning them or bad light spectrums…the latet please check my knowledge with help support…


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if you are running LEDs, and your lights are over 36 inches from the tops of your plants, lower them to 36 and see how they handle it…

And just putting this out there, you may want to put some kind of stick in the pot to tie those girls up to, once the leaves start, it will be top heavy and may want to fall… I use chop sticks and twisty ties off of my bread bags (both cheap and readily available), loosely wrap (make a loop so it has room to grow) the twist tie around your plant near the top, and other end around stick…


What kind of led are you using…?
Some of them aren’t worth the hassle of trying to grow… so I’m very interested in what you are using… your plants are stretching drastically from what I can tell… a couple of cfl’s might be better than what your using right now… :wink:
More info needed on lighting system… :wink:

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HI guys, and thanks for the responses.
I germinated these two and planted them low down in some seed raising mix. When they were up ten cm I planted them into some small pots and put them under a light from the stove exhaust fan.
They kept growing straight up so I planted them out into bigger pots and low down.
Into the tent they went with the [LED 225 GROW LIGHT PANEL BLUE/RED LAMP BULB FOR HYDROPONICS INDOOR PLANT GROW and one yellow plain bulb to get a bit of minimal warmth] light about one metre above.
I’ve since replanted them lower again, and dropped the light to about 300mm above, as advised on here. Staked them as well.

Any opinions on the light situation would be awesome ta. I also run a tiny desk fan in there every few days for some air movement? Need to do this???

Great forum thanks.

Yes the breeze from the fan will strengthen your stalk,but do not point fan directly on seedlings. Point at wall of tent and let it bounce off then to the seedling.
Just monitor them if they still seem like they are stretching just lower light a couple more inches.
But if you start seeing the leaves taco up the it is too close


three out of five wwf did the same thing the other two are extra short. i supported them and used 100 watt daylight led bulbs from walmart right over them (about 2-3 inches) and the stems fattend up fine

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