Would these led light specs be ok?

Hi guys,

Getting ready to order seeds and also looking for some cheap lighting.

Would the spec for these lights work ok, from seedlings to flowering?

model:PG8( II Generation)
Type: Plant Grow Light(Red&Blue&White)
Input Voltage: AC 85 to 265V, 50Hz
Power: 14W
Power factor: >90
LED Type: 3528 SMD leds
Number of LEDs: 225 pcs
Color: Red&Blue&White,Full Spectrum.
Wavelength: Red: 620 to 625nm, Blue: 465 to 470nm,White:7000-8000K.
Red:135 pcs; Blue:60 pcs;White:30 pcs.
Exterior material: Shell using ABS plastic box

Any help would be awesome guys.

Many thanks for your help.

I love my lights and they were cheap. 1000w from dhgate


That LED is one of the cheaper models. It’s only pulling 14w of power, so I think that this light would be ok for seedlings, but wouldn’t be nearly enough to get you through veg and into flower :v:


Thanks for the replies everyone. Need to look around for better lights.

Be careful with LEDs there are alot of fake wattage listed on the cheap no name brands or names that sound like well known brands pretending to be selling you 1000w units when they are really 300w units
Always do your home work and if its a outlandishly to good to be true deal its not true
You cant go wrong with Mars Hydro one of the best budget true grow LEDs out there with years of nice grows youtube
They work really well for the money and if something goes wrong they always do their best to get you going again


Apache Tech , Advance LED or MarsHydro is great lights but you cannot expect quality without cost ?

Something like the first unit at the top would only be good for clones, or maybe maintaining a mother in minimal light and minimal space, and an area not much bigger than about 2 foot by 2 foot, or maybe even only about 1 ft x 1 ft and only about a foot above the plant.

For a full grow, you want probably minimum about 30 watts per square foot with a decent LED rig, and maybe even as much as 40-50 watts per square foot of grow area.

Happy growing,


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Look up on amaz it’s a 300watt 69.99 I have 3 of them it’s the only lights that are at this price delivered and all it will do all 3 seed flowers everything at least that’s what I use and love them super bright and also compared to the Mars Hydro and I’ve been told just as good if not better for cheaper

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I’ve had very good luck with this and it has I believe 40 W to 60 W per it is comparative with the mars Hydro but I’ve actually had Better luck with it then my friend with his Hydro