Led grow lights

I have a full spectrum led panel. The description is:
Wattage: 14W
Working Voltage: AC 100V-265V
Working current: 300mA
Lumens: 420 LM
Lighting Area: 18 sq ft
Lux: 1M/890, 1.5M/520, 2M/400
Wavelength nm: Blue 460nm, Red 630nm, Orange 610nm, White: 10000K
CRI: > 85

Will this type led work with my aeroponic/dwc system that I have ordered?
Any info is greatly appreciated!

No it will not work at all. It only has about 400 lumens, that would only be good for seedlings and clones in less that a one square foot area, and at only a few inches above the plants. I have no idea where the 18 sq feet figure comes from, it isn’t really even 14 watts, probably only really 13.8 watts.

Seedlings and clones require about 400-1000 lumens per square foot.

Vegetative growth requires about a minimum of 2,000 to 3,000 lumens per square foot.

Flowering requires about 5,000 to 10,000 lumens per square foot, ideally, and can take possibly much more.

10,000 lumens is supposed to be about the average power of the sun at sea level on a clear day at high noon, or something like that, lol. 8,000 - 12,000 lumens is supposed to be about the average power of the full sun without any overcast or no clouds depending on altitude and potentially other factors.

It’s not ideal, but you can make do with 2,000 lumens for an entire grow if necessary.

The thing with LED lighting is they are like laser beams. They are really excellent at penetrating your plant and getting light to the inside that would normally be under grown with lights that create shadows underneath. They need to be placed in a VERY precise place because that laser beam effect is only found directly beneath the light at a specific angle. Honestly LED lighting is either really efficient or just overly expensive because you need a lot of it to send those beams down to your plants with such a wide coverage of your canopy. Anything that’s not directly on the plant is wasted or isn’t helping growth in any other area. LED lighting isn’t like other lights where the light gets sent out in a bunch of directions and you can focus it by reflecting it onto the plants. How I’ve seen LED lights be most effective is when used as side lighting to penetrate the canopy along with your HID lighting. You’ll need more wattage and lumens if your going to be using it as primary lighting, but as secondary and can really just help thicken your canopy. I’ve never used them so I don’t know if low wattage will help but with indoor growing most the time you aren’t going to overwhelm your plants with light.

It depends on the type of LED. There are tons of designs and tons of different lenses. Lensing and the way the actual diodes are arranged or designed will have a lot to do with how well the light spreads out. It might be better to use numerous units of the appropriate wattage if you are trying to cover a large area, than one unit that has a super high wattage to try and cover a really wide area. Absolutely, with the right light or lights and light arrangement, LEDs can match, or even out preform HID lights, even when lighting is only from above.


Especially considering LED lights designed for growing have a fine tuned wavelength that’s almost 100% absorbed by plants. So like you said getting multiple small wattage LEDS is useful. Like a couple 50W panels would really be out performing most HID lights similar in wattage.

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I have had very good luck with my LED light.
It has setting for veg and flowering.
Covers the wavelengths needed for plants and doesn’t use much electricity
It wasn’t cheap so be prepared.

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all you LED early adopters benefit from the technology, and help lower the prices so in a year or two maybe we’ll see comparable LED/C’s at the current HPS rates. And even brighter, more efficient, more expensive lights.

with my luck, I just got a new 600 watt HPS set up ready to be deployed so watch the prices drop now.

I’d say the LEC light is much more efficient than an LED for the money. The light penetration is incredible.
I got mine under $500 and out is kicking butt in my 3x3x7 tent.

I am setting up an indoor flowering room, I plan on keeping 6 plants at a time in it and will likely be using leds.
My question is that the room will be 8x10 and I am planning on 6 panels in the room.
How many watts per led panel should I be using?
Do I calculate on reported wattage or on the actual watt useage per panel?

I use T8 flourescents in my veg room 4x10 with day bulbs and that seems to work well, but I am told that I can not/should not use these for flower. is this also true?

Any help will be appreciated

My LED light pulls 2 amps in veg setting and 3.5 amps in the flowering setting.
It produces no heat at the surface and has built in cooling fans for the electronics.
It does not cover a large area thou, but what ever is under it gets blasted.
I have a small room and don’t worry about temperature regulation or electric bills.
That is the main reason I tried it and stay with it… I do use white matte reflectors
on the sides if my plants need them, dull white reflect better then shinny white.I have
showed my buds to a professional grower and after very close examination and lots
of jargon I didn’t understand, I was given high praise and a couple of seeds to try out.
He wanted to see how they would grow under the lights.
Lost the seeds on the 1000 mile trip back home and he is still made at me.

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Hi, I use L.E.D.'s for my grow and have been happy! I am about to take down my 600watt HPS and put up 2 new led’s I bought last week from Advanced Platinum. They are p600’s and the 2of them should rock a 4x4 area. Will get another pic when they are up. Mike


Would this light be OK for 3 seedlings for around a month and then they’re going outside. Also, how far should I put it from them and how many hours per day. I don’t want to invest much in lights because 90% of my growing will be outside. Thanks.

I think it would be alright as I have used something similar on some house plants. The maker was a Chinese company called Tao-Electrionics or something like that. This one I have is 24watts. When your seedlings come up put the light about 18 inches from top of the plant and check it in 10or15 minutes to make sure they don’t overheat. If all goes well let them go another 1/2 hr. If plants start to stretch than lower lights a couple of inches. Once you find a comfort zone for them, plants will start to grow. Good luck! Mike

Hey gang, I was reading and older message on this thread about LEC lights? Are they as good as the person above say’s they are? Would like to discuss this with any others that have information about this style light. Thanks, Mike