Going to get a new LED


I would like to get a new LED light as I am starting more than one plant this go around and I think I will need more coverage than my last grow.

So I am going to likely get it from Amazon or Ebay, but I was looking at the prices and there are some 1000w light for right around 100$ and there are 300watt light for 60-80$. I am wondering if it is worth it to go up in watts or if I am just sacrificing quality for more bulbs?

I’m also wondering if anyone has tried the unbranded Chinese LEDs vs brand name Chinese like Mars hydro or Galaxy Hydro. I’m assuming they’re all made to pretty similar standards and likely by the same people?


Ive used the cheaper china led panels. They grew plants but not good at all. But the quality was nothing on a mars. Had all the leds the same though. No fans in it. Im gunna use them this grow for extras but i believe i wasted lots of money as i bought screw in leds 2 panels.

If I were you I would check out the threads on LEDs here in the forum. We’ve gone over this a few times now. Most people won’t buy those unbranded LEDs because we know they’re junk. Your best bet is buying a trusted company, but if you’re just trying to get the cheapest light with em most watts I would do A TON of research. Those $100 LEDs that claim to be 1200w or 1000w are really only pulling less than 300w. That’s awful lol, my 300w MarsHydro pulls 135-140 actual watts. I would think a 1200w would use half of that in actual wattage, but it’s even lower than that!

Also, like @iva has said many times now, the cheap LEDs are usually made with bad parts or aren’t made correctly. Trust me, every time I see those lights I want to buy one, but they’re just lying to us trying to get us to buy.

That 1000w light for $100 is not a 1k light at all it would output about 350 max (HPS equivalent)
I think galaxy is the new name for king led, the ad looks the same and these are the same lights with the so called twin 10w leds on it.
They are 3w leds and are too close together so will most likely have problems from heat when the heat sink starts to get gummed up.
If you treat these lights as what they are 300-400w they are ok but you will need two to get anywhere in flower.
Most LEDs are made in china even the good $1000+ ones or they assemble them some where but the parts are from china. China is the new Japan, I remember when ppl said dont buy cheap jap crap now look where they are, Made in Japan is a selling point :slight_smile:
I have a cheap 1200 led that pulls 550 from the wall, I got it from ebay for around 250 usd and I got 490 grams from 2 plants that I only vegged for 4 weeks from a sprout. (I cant buy it anywhere so speed was a must)
There are good cheap lights but there are also alot of sellers praying on new growers looking for a cheap deal.
I would get 2 or 3 mars 300s over the galaxy but they will both do the same thing

I know I say this alot but if you can make your own! More light less, power usage, less heat and not fans to fail.
The self made ones are better then 99% of the premade ones


@Iva how or where is the best place to see how to make them? This I like to do

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This guy helped me work it out and the building part is all quick connect fittings no soldering

Growmau5 led play list


Thank you. Off to see