Would a 4x6 space and one power 1000 watt hid system be sufficient for a maximum yield for 15 to 20 White Widow autos?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I have a question and I need some advice. Would a 4x6 space and one power 1000 watt hid system be sufficient for a maximum yield for 15 to 20 ww autos? I plan on using soil, do u recommend a sog or what style of growing. I was gonna purchase it thru amazon but my budget is tight right now do u think that is a good idea? I’m experienced in outdoors but new to indoors so i would highly appreciate any advice you can give me!”

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The light might be sufficient for the space but 8 to 10 tops for that amount of space . This is 4 plants in a 4x4 tent and the bigger they get the better the yield

crowding will create problems and your yield will suffer and be a pain to tend and @Niala is the go to for lighting questions I tag them so it shouldn’t be long


In 1 gal pots it would:slight_smile:

Probably too many plants in that size space.


Run photos instead of autos, when the plants get as wide as pots flip them. You could essentially fit as many plants as you can pots. Anyone that says you can’t run that many plants in that size space isn’t open minded enough to step outside of the way they do it. Running more plants is just a little more work, buy you won’t have the veg time either.

If you’re worried about yeilds, you should probably grow photos instead of autos anyway. A lot of autos will begin to flower at less than a foot tall, and that will limit your yeild quite a bit. Especially if others go longer.

Thanks @Oldstoner,

If your space is in feet, you’ll need some side lights (2) to have a better coverage and I will suggest a LST or a SOG setting and maximum 5-6 plants for that space . I have grown 5 Chocolope photos in a 2×2 closet and will not recommand to do it. Unless you know what you’re doing , have grown inside before and have a very good ventilation system and a very good deshumidifier.

If it’s in meter, well, you’ll need 12 more 1000W HID lights system.

Hoping that’s helping you, dear customer, if you have further questions, please feel free to join our forum and tag any of us by putting a @ before anyone name,

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1 gallon pots will rarely give you the maximum yield even on autos . I don’t grow autos only photos so on this I only have what some of the mentors have said let me tag you a auto grow guru @Hogmaster but for me parsley is all I grow in one gallon I use 4 , 5 and 7 gallon smartpots good luck


You are correct about growing in 1 gallon pots, when talking about yield per plant. When considering yield per area, it’s relative. You can fit about four 1 gallon pots per square foot, as opposed to one 5 gallon pot. If you take the same amount of veg time for the four 1 gallon pots as you do the one 5 gallon pot, the 4 plants will almost always produce more than the single plant in 5 gallon.

It’s not to say that one way is right or the other is wrong, it’s just a different way of growing. At 15-20 plants in a 24 square foot area, he or she will have plenty of room if the plants aren’t over vegged. A lot of people choose to top and train a few plants in order to produce a higher yield per plant and remain within local laws. There’s nothing wrong with that either, but it’s far from the only way of growing weed.

If you’re not concerned about plant count, than running more plants of a smaller size can yield just as much per area, and allow you get more grows in per year.


Yep not very open minded over here possibly you should follow somebody else’s advice

That was a little harsh on my end, and I apologize as I definitely didn’t make that comment directed at you alone.

It seems the general consensus here is to grow bigger plants over longer veg times. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that as I stated earlier. But I don’t necessarily feel that saying even one plant per square foot is too much, let alone less. If op is planning short veg he’ll be fine. If op is planning on something like 8 week veg, I would agree you 100%.

WW autos I would use 3 gal pots, 1gal might cause rootbounding. Although I wouldn’t recommend it, you could stuff 24 of them in a 4x6. I am not familiar with hid lights, so can’t comment on that part. It will be crowded, and hard to water/maintain, but if you put in the time, it can be done.

I stuffed my tent this time, just to learn a lesson. I put 9 autos in a 3x3. I will get all 9 to harvest, but wont know for a few weeks if the total will be more or less than my last 4 plant grow in 5 gal pots. Here is a picture of my tent (Please note, I tried to top/fim them, rookie time, so some got stunted)

day 1
day 72

I will soon know if more plants equals a higher yield in the same space.


@Ron330 going tight with autos is ballsy, but I like it! Something about not being able to control veg time would make me a bit nervous. But I avoid autos at all cost, so no worries there. I think you’ll do pretty good from the looks of it! Only thing I would think would hold you back is the topping. In general when you go after sog style grow, you would go after single cola plants. No biggie, live and learn right…

Here’s last sog grow I worked on. 16 plants in 2x2 1 gallon pots. Strains are c99 and diesel fire, 2 of each were pulled before flipping and used as mothers. So 12 went to harvest.


3 gallon minimum smart pots Five work too if you have enough lights if you going outside seven and 10 gallon


I think that the question here is for a SOG grow (right? do I get a badge or something? :wink: ) with autoflowers, probably not screwing with them, just letting them go, how many can you get in a 4x6 space and have enough room for them to do well.

Also whether small pots/plants vs large pots/plants will have a noticeably different yield.