Trying to brainstorm a space manageable grow but hitting walls

I still have a lot in the air but what im envisioning a smaller grow space for just a few plants 1-2 maybe 3 but im not sure what strain would be best for that probably one more forgiving when it comes to mistakes, im not sure how much space would be need, what size of planters and type of planters, my personal experience with nutrients is very low and i know they’re vital to healthy pest free plants any and all advice is much appreciated (apologies if it takes me a bit to fully understand depending on the complexity or depth of the subject)

Welcome to the forum! Lots of people here to help! Lots of variables when it comes to setting up shop. Of course, $ plays a large part. White widow auto is fairly easy, and several growers here have knowledge. 3-gal fabric pots would be a good start. But you also have to consider which medium you’re gonna use. Fox Farms Happy Frog is my choice. As for nutes, again, Fox Farms is good. But probably the most important will be your lighting. And $ comes into play. There’s a lot of choices. Myself, I prefer LED. Mars tsl2000. But again the space will lead you to what particular light is needed.
Well here’s some stuff to ponder. Lol!

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Can you give us details on your grow space (size)? Also is it ventilated? Temps in the area it will be? Residual humidity? Can you control any of that with air conditioning and or humidifier/dehumidifier?

All of these will play a factor in the strain chosen. As mentioned White widow is a good starting point, but if your limited in space and height, you may want to run autos.

Having said that…with autos, plan for about a 1.5x1.5 sf space to have enough room for growth and air circulation. Also, a 3 gallon would be the absolute smallest container I would ever consider even for small grows…try to go to a 5gal if you can.

For lights, you’ll need a o learn about par values to get the right light…BUT you could guesstimate roughly 40-50(ish) watts per plant for veg, and 200(or more depending on size of space) for flower

I am doing my first grow; using autoflower planted in 5 gallon fiber grow bags.
Three plants - seven and a half weeks in. The only fertilizer I have used is what I use for our tomatoes and that is just mixed in the water I use for them. I don’t know how it will go, but so far so good.

My first indoor grow. Growing 3 plants in 7 gallon fabric pots. 447 tent. 2 mars hydro ts1000 and 1 mars hydro tsl 2000w. Could have gotten 4 comfortably but only had 3.

Getting another tent and trying to have plants in flower and veg at same time so once harvest can flip the veg and have clones go to veg. Fingers crossed.

This is my girls. Starting week 5 flower tomorrow