Maximum yield?

Hello there ,

im asking myself what would lead to better yield in this situation.

grow space: 62 square foot

light: 4 X 600W LED

Method : SCROG


seed: white widow

now the question… will i have better yield using like 32 plant in 20L pot for an average of 2 square foot of growing place or im better to just use 62 plant for 1 square foot each ? Also, if using 20 or 10 or even more than 62 plants would be good too?

Thank you for your expertise and advice on this :slight_smile:

I have 20 white widow ladies in a 76x76x76 grow tent. They are 27 days old 12 in, tall or better and bushy its going to be interesting when I switch them over to 12/12they will or should double in if I were you I would give it some more thought. The pic in left side of here are my girls @ 17 days