Wondering if I should hold off on nutes for a cpl feed cycles?

So she’s still in week one of flower stage, I’ve been given her the nutes listed below but have been diluting them by a fourth, I noticed tonight when I did her normal feeding that the ppm and EC was quite high, ppm 2208 EC 5275. Should I just give her a hammer flush after she dries a little bit? I have her COMPLETELY sealed off with ventilation going in for fresh air and airflow.

  • Method: Soil fox farm happy frog, nutes are grow big big bloom and tiger bloom
  • Vessels: little over 5 gal
    PH of Runoff: 5.9
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution after feeding(feeding runoff) ppm 2208 EC 5275
  • Indoor
  • Light : Full spectrum LED, can’t remember but wattage is up there, she is bright. 600 watt I believe
  • Temps; 75 day 72 night
  • Humidity; 43% to 49% average both
  • Ventilation system; Yes, fan blowing in air from floor and sealed off tubing.
  • Fan, Humidifier,
  • Co2; No
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Can you please post pic taken in natural light?


I’m also having some issues if I could get some feedback please

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Your ph should be around 6.4 to 6.8 for better uptake of nutrients…
Also really check out your plant’s top and bottom for critters…
Just incase…

Specks are a little concerning…

I did have spider mites I first sprayed with peroxide and Dawn dish soap that was four days ago last night I sprayed with Captain Jack’s and Dawn dish soap but the browning of the leaves and Clawing It said to be nutrient issues my pH is 6.5 my TDS is about 741 I’m only using quarter strength nutrients in RDWC system I even cut it back on the Nutrients when I first noticed the nutrient burn on the leaf tips I was running about 400 on the TDS Am I EC was about .9