Winter Indoor Garage Temps

As you all well know,

The cooler months are upon us and I’m curious as to what other indoor growers are using to keep their tent at an acceptable growing temperature.

My tent is located in the garage, which is not very well insulated, and would not make for an ideal environment without a good heating source.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Along with pictures as well.

My only option here would be to warm the environment on the inside of the tent. The garage will not hold heat.

Thanks everyone!!

Happy growing!!


Control ventilation to control temp. The colder it is out the less exhaust fan speed I need.

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I run my lights at night to counter ack the coldest part of the day. I live in the south so it’s not going to kill my plants being inside the house with heat on. But I want to get some purple and blue color so I’m happy it’s getting colder. Other then a small heater next to the intake vent during lights off. I not sure what you could do. Maybe wrapping a heavy blanket around the tent to help keep what heat is in there , there longer.


What about placing a small heater inside the tent??

It’s a 4x8

Anybody have experience with heaters inside the tent??

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I’m still learning but I’ve read stuff too! lol
Lot of equations are involved to answer your last question. Maybe?
So in my head, looking at your situation, outside of the tent will be cooler temps and you’re trying to heat from inside. I guess you’d need to figure out sq ft of tent - how fast to run your exhaust to maintain fresh air/not stagnant - and how much the heater puts out. I way overthink shtuff don’t I? lol

Idea- do you have another tent or some supplies to make a big enough box to put the heater in there then draw from that space into your grow tent?

That’s not a bad idea @Beans

Actually, I was just thinking I could run my ducting hose back into the house through the ceiling. That way, I could pull from the heated air inside the house and dump it into the tent.

I may have to invest into some insulated ducting though.


I’ve seen people use greenhouse heaters in their tents. As other members suggested, tame your ventilation and run lights at coldest part of the day are good suggestions. Hid lighting could help if you’re not already using as well.

Maybe a little bigger project than you’d like, but is it possible to bring intake air from inside your home? Assuming it would be heated, and not be huge burden on your heating cost.

Realistically, insulating your garage and getting something a little more efficient than a space heater will probably be the cheapest long term option. But that’s not exactly feasible for everyone either.

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I didn’t see your post while I was typing lol.

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So the reson I said outside the tent next to the intake vent is that the heater glows red and will cause your plant to hermi if the heater is in the tent . But if it’s outside the tent the chances of light getting in are dropped . And if your useing a carbon filter then that chance is zero.

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That’s the best way to go…

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Use a ceramic heater instead.

But what do you do about humidity? You need humidity in the 40-60% range.

If you have regular metal folding-rolling garage doors, they make thick Styrofoam insulation boards for them, or you can just get any insulation and DIY. Those thin aluminum doors are a killer.


I have my grow box in the garage with the same issue and I used a 300 watt aquarium heater and a 5 gallon bucket of water. It cost pennies to operate, brought up the temp and increased the humidity.


@Myfriendis410 Would you be willing to send us a picture of your setup??


A couple of idiosyncrasies: the led’s are on top. I saved the cutouts so I can configure the interior space depending on my needs. The led drivers being outside the box makes it cooler inside. However, I have to bring the plants to the lights. I do that with two decks with different sets of legs for varying heights.

It’s pretty stealth, economical, accessible, movable (on casters) and I can still do woodworking, reloading and park the car in there lol. @LV2GRW


It looks good, man. I like it!!


@Myfriendis410 looking pretty cool.


My heater is lower than my plants and facing the wall

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I think you may want to try recycling you exhaust air into Garage to help keep Garage temps up also you can put a small oil filled type electric space heater in tent they have temp controls so you can find the perfect spot for you
They are the safest electric space heaters and the only one we allow in our 5 buildings in NYC
Cause you can put a blanket on it and they won’t catch fire not that you should hahahahaha
A insulated box around tent would help too a room a little bigger around tent
Foam insulation panels are relatively cheap
Any type of heater you can see a glow from elements I wouldn’t stay away from
Hope this helps @LV2GRW
I’m a hvac guy so if you have any questions tag me