Will this even work?

Just a thought, but could one start photo seeds and some auto-flower ones and just leave the autos to flower when they do? Could you time it so that when the photos flip, the autos are starting to flower, too? Kind of piggy back the autos onto the photos schedule for a double crop?

They’ll just change when they want. I have an auto with 2 photos right now… plan to veg 6 weeks before I flip. Auto doesn’t care, she flipped herself at 3 weeks.

I am also growing both atm. I started my photos(ww bag seed) a week before my autos(ilgm gscx). Its my first grow and thought I could make it happen. It looks like my photos will be done well before my autos. But then again, I don’t know s**t about this yet. Hahahaha!

The ww(3) are on the left. Gscx(3) on the right


Did 24 hr light for 4 weeks and switched to 12/12 at week 5. The autos didn’t like that

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