Autos and a photo in the same tent, feasible?

I bought a few cool auto strains to grow this winter. However, I still have a single photo seed left from one of my favorite strains, Trainwreck.

Can I effectively grow the photo Trainwreck together with the autos? My thinking is I’ll start the Trainwreck seeds a couple weeks later, and add it to the tent on week 4 or 5 with the autos.



You just have to consider the lighting cycle. Autos can thrive for the entire life cycle at 18/6. Photos need a 12/12 light cycle to establish and maintain the flowering state.

Switch your light cycle to 12/12 when you want the photo to flower. The auto won’t care about the light cycle other than the reduction in DLI (Daily Light Integral.)


Yep… grow away!


It’s definitely doable, my only concerns would be trying to get them to flip at the same time, that way environmental needs are the same, feeding etc.

Wait till you see the first signs of flower on the auto and flip the photos to flower.

Timing is gonna be key but with autos that like throwing a dart with your left hand over your shoulder…


Auto’s on the outside, photo in the middle.


Interesting you’re using larger pots for the autos?

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I will re-pot the photo eventually. Im gonna use it for clones hopefully.
I just put it in this pot tonight from a solo cup. Checkout them roots.


Just my O2 Start the autos first if you can. Or even if you drop. You will be fine. I grow autos and photos together all the time. And have started more than a couple on a 12/12 For those. I just give them a little more light in the veg period than I normally would. It is totally doable though. The plant may end up a little smaller than a normal one. But they always have came up ok for me. And I am sure you all ready know to keep a cover over the cup if you use a clear one :grin: