Auto and Photo in same tent w/ same light?

Greetings. Wondered if an Auto plants light schedule would be flexible enough to grow it side by side a Photo plant? Of course the photo would need to have light priority with 18/6 for 6 weeks before shifting to flower 12/12. I “think” an auto is fairly flexible regarding lighting since it has its own internal clock. In a tent with one LED light for total floor space coverage, is it ok to grow a photo and auto side by side?


Yes you should be fine. The auto plants are go with the flow for lighting. Some have them under lights for 20+ hours daily while some found 12/12 from the start works for them. :four_leaf_clover::evergreen_tree: good luck. How’s the the edibles working for you?

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Thanks for the reply!

I wasn’t sure how an auto would handle the light shift, but did realize they have a good deal of flexibility. Never having grown an auto, I would think they are preparing to flower (maybe already in flower?) about the time I’d be flipping the photo to 12/12 on week 6. I wondered if the light change while the auto was in flower could slow the bud development and reduce the yield? Hopefully not as I plan to try this when my tent is open next.

Oh, the edibles are working out VERY well. My mom has adjusted her dosage and I can tell a huge difference in her attitude. Before the gummy bears, she was constantly complaining about pain and we couldn’t make her comfortable. With the correct dose of gummy bears, she is a completely different person. Not pain free completely, but reduced pain has totally changed her mental outlook and well reduced her anxiety and stress levels.

Wife constantly wakes up in the middle of the night and cant get back to sleep. With a gummy bear before bed time, she has been sleeping soundly thru the night. None of this medicine produces a notable “stoned” effect, but is a very easy going medication schedule. That was my goal and it has been quite effective!!


Yes you are correct the auto will be flowering before you flip but shouldn’t slow any thing down on the flip. Generally an auto will start to flower at around week 5 from germ at least that’s been the case for me and I’ve only grown autos indoors.

I’m glad your mom is eating the gummies and now that stigma may be gone for her. Yes sometimes I get restless legs syndrome and eating a gummy definitely knocks that out, as I get more into the growing different strains, now Ill get to the point of an indica or sativa gummy to let the strains do what they do. The gummies in my opinion are great and easy. Some on here aren’t big fans of the magic butter machine,but I am for sure.

Btw our brainstorm worked to perfection!


I grow autos with photos. I start my auto first a couple weeks ahead of time. I keep my light schedule a 16 8. I add in the photos shortly after. I went five weeks with photos then flipped to 12 12. This was my first go at it and the autos are growing great. I like being able to harvest something during the long wait for photos.


You can grow autos along side photos no problem. I’ve even done autos 12/12 from seed to fill a gap in my flower tent and they turned out great. :wink::v:


Glad to know an auto is adaptable enough to handle a photo’s more rigid light schedule. Never have done an auto before, but that will change soon as I can schedule her in. Oh yeah I can feel it now…there is a bigger tent in my future! The tent size upgrade plays into my decision to grow a’s and p’s side by side.

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No problem with the 2. The autos will flower before the photos so just keep the lighting on the photos as your priority


I like the fact an auto may be harvestable in far less time than a photo. Granted we may get a higher yield with a 16 week photo, but if you are short of bud in the meantime, an auto to fill in the time lag may be ideal.

Glad our brainstorm idea worked for you too. You have given me tons of good ideas all of which proved valuable. I continue to be impressed with my MB2 machine…such a great tool to have!!


For sure the photos get light priority. I’m glad to learn autos are adaptable and can hang right in there with the photos with no issues from the light shift it seems.