Widely accessible organic nutrients

Looking to run organic dry nutes moving forward. Unfortunately I live in a state where there are no local cannnabis friendly shops around just big box stores and I have yet to find any nutrients that are cannabis friendly. Has anyone used anything on a site like amazon that works well? How about Dr earth organics? It has a grow as well as a bloom specific product which I think would work well.

I will be running in coco btw. Any thoughts or suggestions even if they are outside the box are very much appreciated. Thanks!

I’m using earth juice nutes, which although not 100% omri rated, @dbrn32 has assured me he considers them “organic”.
They’re liquid, but easily available via the internet.

On a side note I’ve read some organics have a difficult time establishing their microbe colonies in a non soil growing medium

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They were omri listed, then omri changed their listing requirements.


Figure out what nutrients you need or want to use. Then go to the farm CO-OP they have that by the 50 pound bag. The stuff in the bottle is diluted 50 pound bag farmers buy. If you can’t do that then check out kis organics and they everything you need

If you are serious about organic, I suggest you look up supersoil on this site.

Also, anything posted by @garrigan62 or @Skydiver should be considered organic credible.

The more I practice and learn about organics the more I realize it’s not just a grow method or nutrient regime, it’s a way of life.


I use Earth Juice’s Classic 5 and a few other liquid organic nutes.

You’ll want to add a mix of microbes to your coco and watering/feed regime, as well.

OMRI is hokey. Chemicals can be used in processes but can still get certified as long as it’s “consumed.”


Hi @AAA did you check of the videos from @Skydiver . How about you @Sirsmokesalot .wub a lubba dub dub.:rofl::rofl::rofl::sunglasses:

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Yeah, skydiver posts some good stuff.

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Do you like the Earth Juice? I’m planning my next grow and may consider using bottled nutrients but I definitely want to go organic.

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I love the results from earth juice. It’s a bit more work, and has a noticeable “barnyard” smell.
I was using fox farm before and the difference is significant. I use the classic 5, but also include their calmag, their n free oilycann (for flowering), godsillica, hygrozyme, and have recently been adding azos and Mycos.


I like Down to Earth’s products. All dry organic amendments I bought off Amazon.


is coco only used for hdryo?

Na can use it with organics like dry amendments bat guano earthworm castings etc