Earth Juice opinions/experience

I’d really like to go organic, and the earth juice big 5 look good to me. Does anyone currently use their nutes, or have experience with them? Any drawbacks, or really big positives?

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I’m not currently using them, but have pretty much used them exclusively in the past. I feel it produced solid results.

I did run a slightly altered schedule with it, and added hygrozyme and a touch of silica. The one thing I would recommend is mixing nute solution night before you plan on feeding and bubbling with an air stone overnight. Seemed to keep things flowing well.

I don’t remember where I stole schedule I follow from, but I have it printed out and laminated somewhere. If you decide to go that route and run into issues, I can probably dig it out.


@dbrn32 when you used ej, did you raise the ph before feeding? My first tea was at ph 3.9 after bubbling for 48 hrs. I know they say it’s fine for soil, but after causing ph lock in my last grow I’m very wary about a repeat.

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That’s low, I would ph it up. What was it before bubbling?

If you decided on earth juice to stay away from synthetics, did you get some of this stuff?

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It’s on it’s way, (amazon).

I didn’t ph it before bubbling, since I knew I was going to check it before feeding. My water ph is 7.

I understand the theory of the soil self correcting, no matter what the ph of the ej tea going in. I just can’t fully trust it… yet. :grin:

It’s a good thing, it doesn’t work that way

On your next mix try to get a ph reading before and after. Also, if it’s going to be continually low you may want to consider amending your growing medium with some Dolomite lime. The powdered stuff works a little faster. It’s a ph of 7 and will buffer your medium more, and a good source of calcium too.


@dbrn32 or anyone else, I’m looking for an earth juice compatible flushing agent. I’ll also be using it on the few remaining Fox farm grows. Florakleen? Flawless Finish? Sledgehammer?

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I think any of them who will do. They’re pretty much all the same thing. I use Sledgehammer.

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I’m trying to grow “organic”’ So I’m looking for something that won’t kill my soil when I use it.

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I see, I’m not sure if any of them is organic.

Sorry, I missed this tag for whatever reason. I’ve never used anything like that, but I’ll look around. Although I am thinking that half the reason you would go organic is to not need any such product.

You have some sort of an issue, or just trying to be prepared?

Looks like they make one for their hydroponic line up, but not sure how it works.

I usually try to get to their molasses 7-10 days out from projected harvest. But I also push nutes pretty hard up to about week 5-6, then taper off on 8-9 week strain. Have chopped as little as 5 days after dropping bloom nutes without a big difference. In my experience, it’s really the excess nitrogen that will give you bitter flavor. But I call audibles from plan all the time haha. I’ve played with some humic too, but not really sure at this point I’d say you need it.

If you’re looking to flush out for a ph or build up issue, I would just go with ph’d water. If you’re looking for for more of a finisher, try this. 3-5 ml of the hi-brix molasses, and a teaspoon of dissolved Epsom salts per gallon. If you wanna grab the humic, something like 2-3 ml.


I was looking for something I could use that’d serve my remaining FF nutes grow(s) as well as an emergency earth juice flush/pre harvest flush.

I feel like I’m beginning to get a handle on the FFOF grows, but having said that I’ve got 2 pineapple haze plants that are @ 5+ weeks, using earth juice products, that have been showing signs of nitrogen toxicity since week 3. Oddly enough I also have 2 Grandaddy purps in the same tent, with the same nutes, that are almost perfect…

I appreciate the EJ tips though. :+1:


Not surprised, all strains and even different phenotypes of same strain can be a little different.

Your 5 weeks into flower or 5 weeks of veg? If you’re still in veg cut what you’ve been feeding for grow nutes in half. If you’re 5 weeks into flower, different story. Are you using their schedule at regular strength?


I’m still in veg. :+1: I thought they might grow out of it, but no such luck.

I stopped nutes last week, and ran 2x the pot size worth of h2o through them yesterday. I’m starting to believe that FFOF is too hot for any nutes for the first month, maybe 2. At some point I’m going to blend my own soil

I understand about different strains, both of these are new to me. Trial and error.

Can’t wait to see what the ilgm GDP does.

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First month is probably safe, not sure I’d plan on 2. Will probably vary a little grow to grow.

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I use ffof and with transplanting from solo cup to 1gal and 7gal, I don’t have to feed during veg. Unless it’s worm tea or such.
I if you do feed during veg make sure to flush at the recommended times, in the schedule.
Also the beastie bloom and cha ching make a difference in the stickiness
That’s my experience

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@Drinkslinger How are you liking the Earth Juice? I’m using the big 5 for the first time & I love it!

I’m on my 3rd grow with it. I’m much happier with the results than fox farm. The buds are so dank. I also use their cal-n-mag, godsillica and oilycann. With some hrgrozyme as well.

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