Wide swing in city water pH

My city water is usually 7.9 - 8.1

… today I measured it with two meters and drops and its 6.0

Has anyone else noticed wide swings like this with their water ?

Edit: I drew this water 48 hours ago, today’s pH is 6.4

Also does this now mean I have hard water?

I’m adding ph up and baking soda by the scoop and I can’t get this pH to hardly move?

I three-point calibrated for the first time ever to check this and every indication is this is correct

…so now I’ll wear my embarrassment and say “boy is my face red!” (Everyone point and laugh)

There’s an hour of my life I won’t get back! I mixed several gallons of plain pH water in with the wrong group of gallon jugs (apparently), so I can sum this thread up in one word …Nevermind !

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My area is flooded atm my ppm changes my water comes out of the local river
Normally its around 50ppm now its 130ppm
Sounds like something I would do :slight_smile:

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How long have you been using that PH tester, probe? They all go bad after a year or 2.

…it’s only a couple months old (plus I used my yellow meter & the pH drops to double check) …it was my bad, I mix my gallons up

Does that mean you are OK and figured it out?

I’m okay, I figured it out (but it did take a while), thanks for asking

…I went back to using carboys, less moving parts :thumbsup: