Why is the bud so “Bushy”

Hey all looking to see if I can glean any post harvest info on my first grow of GSC auto. Below are some pics of the flower compared to one that I bought. I immediately noticed that my grow flower is very “fluffy” and does not have dense buds at all. Really came to the forefront when compared to “professionally” grown that I had previously bought. Just curious if there are any learning that I can take away.

First pic is side by side. Top my GSC bottom is the prof grow.

Second is close up of purchased and third is home grow.

Seems to smoke okay just seeing if there any learnings here. Thx.

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Ok there are several reasons why ur buds are airy it could be due to not enough light intensity and to much water can cause airy buds but airy buds doesnt mean a bad bud airy buds tend to grind up better i find i wouldnt really worry about it to much enjoy your weed that u have grown for now and try to fix it next time around what sort of light do u have


Thanks Tezza. Yea not disappointed just looking for the “why” for continued educational purposes. The majority of the grow was with a Mars Hydro TS1000 in a 2x2.

I did upgrade to a HLG very late in the grow and that’s what I am using for my second Bruce Banner grow.


Improper lighting, to much nitrogen during flower, and genetics are the three biggest reasons for fluffy buds


I agree with @MeEasy on genetics. My outdoor sativa dominants were larfy - no nice 420 magazine perfect picture buds but family likes the smoke!