Why grow white widow

I am growing Cannabis for the first time in 38 years. I am, realistically, a newb. I have chosen White Widow for it’s reputation as an easy grow for beginners. I will be growing outdoors in the Eastern foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. I have also heard that White Widow is known for it’s pest and mold resistance. Is there anybody here who has experience with growing White Widow outdoors?

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No more Do Si Dos?

Actually the only seeds I have are Do Si Dos. I heard White Widow is ideal for growing in the mountains of Virginia which is where my land is located. I almost changed my mind for several reasons related to mold issues. I have done further research that suggests Do Si Dos is in fact favorably mold resistant. It has a reputation for high levels of THC. I’m hoping to produce some zombie weed. At last I have made up my mind. Do Si Dos it is. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Wish me luck.


I have grown WW photos and autos, in buckets, greenhouses and in the ground.

I top them several times to avoid the big huge plants and buds the Widow makes as even though she’s more resistant than most she will get grey mold on those big sticky buds. She’s also not immune to spider mites they love her, but the dreaded powdery mildew we get on the Gulf Coast doesn’t seem to affect WW.

She likes full sun and lots of water. She grows indoors, outside or in a greenhouse.

I’ve grown many WW through the years including ILGM and others and all of them were winners.

Outside I notice the 50/50 strains work best. Skunk gets powdery mildew bad. Widow is what we call a loud strain, it has what I call a strong vanilla scent during flower so keep that in mind.

Good luck!

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I lived in Ocean Springs, Mississippi for 24 years. We called it the armpit of America and the humidity capitol of the world. I never tried to grow weed there because it was illegal and it still is for cultivation. I’m glad I’m in Virginia where I can have my four plants for personal use. I was a pretty good gardener in Mississippi. I’m hoping to use my green thumb to grow some zombie weed. I’m not looking to produce pounds. Just enough for me. I appreciate all the advice and the well wishes.


Out of all the strains I’ve grown WW is by far the easiest to grow. I’ve grown the ilgm WW auto around a dozen times and only once was I underwhelmed. Very stable genetics


Welcome fellow Virginian!!

Good luck and hope you have a successful grow come springtime.

I’m in thr BR mtns too.

This forum is a game changer. One word of warning… People with green thumbs sometimes have difficulty growing cannabis. Totally different… it’s weed.

Good luck and just read a lot and ask a lot of questions.

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Pleased to meet you Virginiagrowboy. I’m in the foothills in Madison Heights just East of Lynchburg. I’ll be growing in a greenhouse for the first time. Wish me luck. :wink: