First grow, White Widow, all outdoors; NOT A professional - so much fun

I have had so much fun growing my first two plants of White Widow. From my first purchase of seeds to watching the first 2/2 sprouts it has been fun and relaxing. So yes I am just a hobby grower. I did NOT buy special dirt, did not have a set up for indoors or outdoors, did not PH test water and soil, did not top or trim them. These were straight seed to soil in my back yard in Hampton VA. I planted in starter pots and at week 3 moved them outside. I have terrible sunlight maybe 6 hours tops to these bad boys. But thanks I luv Growing Marijuana. It has been so fun and interesting to grow weed in my backyard. Here are a few pics. Nothing special. I have a vacation in September and upon my return I will start an indoor grow with a more purposeful grow with proper dirt, light cycle and effort to grow the plant taller and wider. BUT MAN THANKS FOR A NEW HOBBY, SO MUCH FUN. Drying my spindly crop now and will update in a few weeks after my first time drying and trimming.


Ain’t it a hoot?


Loads of fun and rather addicting lol

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I can tell you it is relaxing and enjoyable. Nothing like walking into the backyard with 12 foot sunflowers and my two 3 foot tall spindly weed plants and inhaling a nice whiff of weed. Just makes it so fun. Thanks for replying to my post. I will dry them up and reply in a few weeks with my novice first taste to see how it works out. YAY!!

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I have to admit, love the pic of the beagle as much as the plants!:joy:
We have two beagles that love to spend time in the garden with us!


Thanks Hammy, his name is Taco, he loves watching me weed and inspect the pants.

How long was your grow, from seed to harvest?

Hello, started seeds mid April, sent sprouts to pot after 4 days of sprouts, planted outside around the end of May and cut today. So about 12 weeks. I had better notes but someone erased my dry erase board with my notes.

Ya know….that’s awesome harvesting like that….it’s kinda like a Christmas morning (your story)….made me happy for ya!

Well today is 9/30/21. I let my buds dry for a while in a mason jar and tried my first taste last night. For a first time grow of the White Widow all outdoors and not doing anything “remotely” good for PH balance, hours of sunlight or proper soil I have to say “IT IS GOOD”. I used a standard 3" pipe and it burned hot and quick, as of course my bud trimming skills need some proper training. I can’t grade the taste but I will say that growing up and graduating in Las Vegas in 91, my bud reminds me of old high school weed. It might not be dispensary grade but its not bad. Overall testing my product during the day the on-set of (high) actually took about 10 minutes. Then it was just time for a nap. (I primarily use because my back is messed up). Anyways for what ever it is worth, thanks to the ILUVGM team, thanks for working today. Thanks for the awesome seed shipment and so far this has been a new, fun hobby for me in my retirement years. Just upgraded however to a smaller sized grow tent for my garage. Just received my grow light and air-filter kit. Will post pics as I go for my next 2 plants.