First Grow - White Widows

Our first grow, all indoors. Sharing our first white widow flowering adventures.
This is exciting stuff!
We use Fox Farm soil and nutrients (nutes for newbies) :slight_smile: , per a friend and all ILGM seeds.

We also have indoors:
Blueberry @ 31" tall, 4/5 = veg day 1)
Goldleaf @ 33", 4/25 = veg day 1 both bby and glf ready to bring outside ?
Amnesia @ 36", 4/23 veg day 1)
Chocolope @ 31", 4/25 veg day 1) ready for light change for flowering indoors. I think.
Experienced growers, does the plan sound about right? From what I’ve read this is how I should go forward. We are in New England where we broke the record yesterday for the coldest June 4th on record. Phooey.
Oh, purchased Big Bud, but so far no luck with three of those germinating. First one had veg, but didn’t grow and eventually it threw in the towel. All others, not a problem. Knock on wood…
I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with all these. Hubby said three at a time and here we be. He/we got the itch. I’m home due to illness, unfortunately, so I get the joys of growing. Really, I do enjoy it! Having a bit of a green thumb helps, a little. Thanks for all the help here!! Any and all suggestions are welcomed!


How do I keep my photos from rotating when I post? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That I’m not too sure about . Sometimes the upload fits the way it can.