Worried about botrytis

I have heard several opinions about White Widow. Some say it is resistant to mold and pests. Others say it is sensitive to mold and pests. I have heard it is one of the easiest strains to grow and good for beginners. I have heard it is one of the most difficult strains to grow. I don’t know who to believe. I have all I can spend invested in this project. I can’t afford to lose my crop. Help!


I grew WW a couple grows ago. It was a photo period not an auto. It all depends on your environment and nutrients. Mold or pests can happen to any. I have had the WPM and my humidity was not that high. You just don’t know.
If you fill this out, growers will be your new best friends. Growing your own makes everything feel better.


Bro you gotta grow to know.

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Never grown WW of any kind but some things apply across the board. Keep your RH under control, always have a good amount of air flow and don’t let your buds lay right on each other (keep the colas separated). Get and keep your environment and nutes dialed in and you should be able to grow any strain.


My first five plants were ILGM White Widow Autos, they were great (easy). Outlaw posted good advice. :arrow_up:

Read the bible. It’s good stuff.

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There is no way to tell if you will experience mold or bud rot. Although some strains may be alittle more resistant to certain areas like mold or pests no plant is 100% safe. This is in the hands of the grower. The concept and style of growing. The environmentals of the growing area. The maintenance and health of the plant. Pests control and prevention. The amount you water and feed.

All of these can play a roll in the overall health of the plant. If the plant is lacking in one of these areas it will bring down the overall health of the plant. Thus allowing other problems to arise.

With indoor grows, the environment is in your control… complete opposite for outdoors. I’ve grown WW indoors only and it was a relatively low maintenance plant :slight_smile:

the first plant I ever grew was WWA. It survived. I didn’t ph anything. didn’t own a tds meter. I probably overfed them since I couldn’t measure ppm. You get the picture. It was not a candidate for BOM.
Provide a clean environment and don’t introduce outside plants to your grow space. Humidity and mold are usually not a concern until well into flower. By then you will have your feet under you and ready to address what comes up.
Oh Don’t drown them.