Why are my plants so small and flowering? Help!

I don’t know what’s going on, but I have three tiny plants that flowered very early.

The setup:

  • Bestva 3000W LED light
  • 5-gallon fabric pots
  • Happy Frog soil
  • 1 Creme la Chem seed, 1 Gorilla Glue seed
  • Lights on 24 hours a day
  • No nutes yet

There was a third seed, a Zkittelz, but I just ripped it out because it was barely 2” tall.

I don’t know what the problem is. All of the plants flowered at about 2 weeks. They are now 3- 3 1/2 weeks old and the two remaining plants are only 8” tall.

The light and soil are new to me. I have only grown a couple times, but I used to use a HPS 600W light and Ocean Forest soil.

I don’t think it’s the light itself, because I have spoken to people who use the same brand and they have had good results.

Could it be:
(A) When the sprouts popped up, the light was about 48” from the plants. Was it too far? (I just moved it closer, about 24”.)

(B) I used only the veg setting (there is both a veg and flower setting for lights). Someone else said he used both settings for autos. Could it be that?

(C) Could it be the soil? I have always used Ocean Forest before, but read that a lot of people used Happy Frog because Ocean Forest could burn autos.

(D) Seed genetics? I believe both seeds are from ILGM. I have used their seeds before and they didn’t have this problem.

(E) Is it just the luck of the autos? Does this just happen sometimes? (But, makes me wonder why all three plants are tiny.)

I’m not even sure what to do at this point. As I said, I pulled the one Zkittelz plant because it was barely 2” and, really, didn’t seem worth keeping. But, I don’t know if I should keep going with the other two and see what happens or just pull them start over.

The dilemma is, and why this is so completely depressing, is that I need this stuff. I have two chronic pain conditions and marijuana is the only thing that has brought me some relief. I do have a medical marijuana card, but the limited options at the dispensary are kind of lame and very expensive. If I could just grow one decent plant, it would probably provide enough to keep me in tincture for 6 months!

So, I just don’t know what to do. I did just replant a new seed for the one I pulled, hoping the same thing doesn’t happen. But, the other two…could they possibly rally and provide me with at least an ounce or are these two plants together only going to yield a couple grams at this point? They seem healthy, but I just don’t think they are going to get much bigger or produce big buds at this point.

Help! Any suggestions and recommendations? Any advice on what I could be doing wrong or what is happening with these plants? I seriously don’t want a repeat of this situation, if I can avoid it.

I”m sorry if I sound whiny, but as I said, I need this for pain relief and the situation has me down. Chronic pain is a bitch.

Thank you, for any and all replies!

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Maybe soil too dry? (pic looks like it may be)… Light too far away?.. I’m no expert by any means, but I had both a Gorilla and Zkittles auto in my 1st grow and both were “late bloomers”, but that was probably due to me… There really is some contradictory suggestions even within the ILGM tutorials, so maybe go 20 on/4 off on the light? Give the gals a chance to recover each day?.. I honestly don’t know, as I’m only on my 2nd grow… But there are some serious experts on here that can steer you in the right direction!.. Maybe make minor corrections and give them time to recover?.. Patience is definitely key IMHO.


Maybe cut your times to 18/6, more water more light, next grow will be better


Autoflowers are smallish as it is, not sure how tall you are wanting them to be at 3 weeks in? They will still grow so much more over the next 2 mnths.

This is Ivy. About 4 weeks old

This is Ivy about a week before harvest. She gives over two oz’s in the end. Don’t get discouraged, and try not to be attached to any particular weight. Give them love and share with them your needs, lady Marijuana will hear you.


Thanks! I’ll adjust the water and light. I just don’t know if I should scrap these and start over. I hate to do that, but if they’re only going to produce a tiny amount of flower, I can’t see waiting another month. I don’t know.

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No to scrapping, plant more grow them all!


Are they autos :oncoming_automobile: ?

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Thanks! Your post was encouraging. I know autos aren’t big, but these seem are small (like half the size of Ivy). But, I think I will hang in there and let them grow. I’ve only grown a couple before and though they weren’t big, they were never this tiny and never flowered that quickly.

It’s mostly the fear of running out of medicine that gives me anxiety about this. But, I’ll spend time with them and try to keep them happy! And, we’ll see what happens.


Yes, both. And, I know autos are often small, but these are tiny compared to the couple others I’ve had and from the pics I’ve seen.

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Drop more seed bro no issues , with autos you don’t have to deal with the issues of hours - do 18/6 all in the same tent


I’m currently growing white widow and zkittlez autos and just harvest a stunted widow that was grown in ocean forest. The second and 3rd I put ocean forest in the bottom like 1 gallon and filled the rest with happy frog and the all did much better. I still got 18g from the first plant so dont pill it keep on trucking but yeah that ocean forest most likely nuked your lady


Don’t get anxious, they are just doing their own thing. I’ve had WW that sexed and started flower at 2 weeks. Shocked me coz she was so small! Then she started to stretch! Blew me away! Turned up dropping over 3 1/2 oz! So, hang in, put lite on 18/6 as autos need some rest time. Keep checking ph, monitor lighting, and fan for some nice air movement.
Don’t give up! They might surprise ya!


I agree with the consensus. Keep em and get the experience. Autos are a monster all there own and do as they please. Runts are bound to be found, or made by the mistakes we make.

That soil does look pretty dry. Those plants can take a solid full soil drenching now. Give them a good drinking.

Happy Frog is alot softer then Ocean Forest. So like @Costanza said, using them together seems to work magic. With the OF in the bottom half and the HF at the top. I use them both to this day.

Those soils will keep ur plants fed well for 4-6 weeks normally. Maybe longer. No need to add nutes usually. If you have, did you pH it properly? Im seeing a few spots and a leaf or two was cannibalized (happens when they dry out too much too)

Light hours… all living things appreciate rest. 18-6 or 20-4 would probably get you a bit better growth. Alot of people do run 24/7 but they’ve tuned their gardens in for it. Youre having issues so lets get back to basics shall we?

Turn on both the veg and bloom buttons. Light that room up. Get them gals a drink. And relax. You’re gonna get some meds. How much? Not sure. But itll be some of the best homegrown uve tasted lol.

And finally… can you take a picture in normal lighting? Hard to really see them good in the blurple.


Dont scrap them. I grew 4 autos and one was so far behind the others and its almost now caught up. Have patience, Its hard to do but worth it in the end. Today is day thirty and I am starting to see pistols. i think that is what they are called on my largest plant. My trouble plant is the one that is going to be the best and I considered pulling her. Good luck


Yeah I don’t think that I would pull it, just keep it and plant more. I’m new to the auto flowers too. I’m old school on the regulars. But the thieves make it hard to get by for that long! Illegal in this state so it’s either inside or having to grow in buckets that I can move weekly! SAD,WAS STATE OF AFFAIRS! But I can’t just quit ! I’m 52 years old and have been growing or learning to since I was to young to know what it even was! Lol

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Good advice as always. I am doing exactly that, FFOF on the bottom and FFHF on top and I am on day 35 since sprouting out of the soil. I fed 1/2 tspn of Big bloom in a gallon of pH 6.5 water yesterday to three out four of the plants. I noticed some yellowing in the middle of some of the leaves, so I am trying to nip that in the butt. I had too much Nitrogen for a minute. My slurry pH 5.6 and PPM 212. I am hoping that things continue to grow well. I have a great mentor who has been super helpful and also the people on this forum are a great resource for my first grow! Good Luck!


That slurry’s a tad low for soil. Try to bring it up a bit next watering, 6.8 is where u want ur inlut before pouring.

The next growth comes in funny at times. It should green right up.


I bought the three pack of nutes from fox farms. Do you think I should use a different one next time? I haven’t given any nutes before I tested the slurry. I have big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom. I forgot to say they are zkittles autos. I don’t think I am dong to bad for my first grow, nothing died, lol. What would be the best way to raise the soil pH?


Nah. They are fine. FF soils have a bad habit of dropping as the soil is used up.

Best way to bring it up is adding higher pH’d water slowly. Since ur ppms are only 212 (pretty low) you can pour a gallon or two in there no problems. Just remember the pH all solutions before pouring into the soil, and it should creep right up

Sidenote: Do you sleep???

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Not at all. what is sleep? I have four alarms set on my phone for different light times (I am also growing an amnesia haze). How high do you suggest I keep the pH at the next watering? I do it every 4 days.