Why are my autos so short with low yields?

Hey everyone,

I am not an experienced grower and I am using probably the most basic set-up ever, because it’s what I can afford. But, I need help!

My autos are flowering, but they are so small/short! They just started flowering, but are only about 9” tall.

My set-up is just a HPS lamp, big pot (10 gallons?), ILGM auto seeds, FoxFarm organic ocean forest soil and spring water.

The plants are two Zkittlez and two Gelato autos.

This is only my fourth attempt at growing. Two other times, the plants were about 3-4 feet tall. And, one other time, they were very short, like these look like they’re going to be.

I first thought it is because there are four plants in one big pot and they didn’t have enough room. However, when harvesting, none of the plants have had a huge root system or seem root bound at all. Plus, the one time, they did actually grow to 3-4 feet tall.

Also, I’ve never gotten a very big yield…certainly nothing like other people’s pictures I’ve seen or based on the potential yield that are indicated in descriptions of the seeds.

Anyone know what could be growing wrong and how I could fix it? Any solutions that aren’t expensive? I am on a limited income and don’t have a lot of money to spend on growing. I use marijuana for chronic pain and even tho medical marijuana is legal in my state, it’s cheaper to grow one’s own (and much better quality).

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!

Forgot the pics…

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Do you have 4 plants in one pot?

I’m no expert by any means. But I would suggest using one pot per seed. All in all they look good.


Yes, there are four plants in one pot.

Yeah, I thought maybe that was an issue. But, like I said, they never seem root bound or anything. And, twice before they were a decent size, with four to a pot.

I guess I should try one seed per pot, but I guess I just have a fear I’ll have the same result and end up with very little after three months.

Once they get their own space, watch 'em grow!


I would try and take the 2 in the back and put them in their own pot. The other 2 are in pre flower so just experiment with those

This is a thrown together method. But it should help those 2 in the back.
1st pic
Find something larger wider then the leaves. Tuck them up into your “something”.

2nd push and twist into the soil. Without crushing the top of plant!! Go on the side of your “something” with a spoon and lift the whole thing from soil.
And transplant which you just brought out of your soil into a pot with a hole that is about the same width and depth.

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And don’t laugh at this. It is a weed. My first time I planted into a miracle grow soil that was cooking it. I pulled the plant from the soil and into a cup of water. 24 hours later after getting
New soil I planted the little thing she did grow

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Wow…awesome, thanks!

This is the one I almost cooked


As others have said, one seed per pot. 3-5 gallon.